Bad ghosting, Sending mine back


I have chosen to send my 4K back.

Impressively sharp image until you move your head.

So close yet so far, Pimax got so close with the 4K, no SDE and a nice sharp image. Great for movies or virtual desktop but games, No chance.

I didn’t have any of the other issues posted, IPD adjustment worked, Steam integration was seamless, no gyro drift (using most recent Piplay) but ghosting was so bad. Most noticeable in game menu’s but noticeable enough in game to be very distracting.

Fingers crossed for Pimax that the 8k doesn’t suffer the 4k ghosting problems.


The 8k & 5k suffer no ghosting. The 4k ghosting is not as bad in 1.1.92 piplay. Something we have been waiting for the team to work on. But at present resources are dedicated to the 5k/8k atm.


Pimax really should look at this if a much older version can improve ghosting. Problem is the later Piplay fixes so many issues I’m not sure going back to 1.1.92 would be an option I’m willing to use.

Sorry Pimax but I’m walking away and would take a lot of convincing to come back in the future. Poor business decision to not look after your 4K buyers in my opinion. You are so close with the 4K it’s very frustrating…


1.1.92 used tge steam render where as the later versions utilize pimax render. We suspect the ghosting is a sync issue with the shutters. Hopefully they can implement maybe a slider or 2 or a config file option to adjust shutters soon; this way users can adjust this themselves likely something that would require a new firmware.

While I understand with a small team resources are limited and makes it harder to work on both. They do need to explore at least letting users to adjust this on the user end & implement soon rather than later. Leaving it as is as you have said is not good for the reputation they want to build. Especially since the current iteration of the 4k is still being sold & could taint their product lines.

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Thank you for your assistance Heliosurge but it appears that Pimax or there representative are not too bothered…

Either way Amazon collected my headset today so I’m on the lookout for a replacement. Any idea’s?


At this moment I’d either wait for the Vive Pro or the Pimax 8k. The Elf VR (4k) is due also for release later this year.


Why wait for the Vive pro if you can have the Samsung Odyssey today?
The tracking range is somewhat limited but otherwise hasslefree and accurate.
I love mine. Played FarCry primal and Bioshock Infinite via VorpX yesterday for hours. Awesome!


Unfortunately the Samsung Odyssey isn’t imported into the UK for some reason as it certainly would be top of the list. The Elf VR looks very interesting indeed.


Hi, in our new project of P1.2/P1.4 ,we have solved the ghosting issues. It is estimated that it will be listed in April. Please stay tuned with us. We are always making our improvements in our product.:slight_smile:


Well that is great news for 4K users, unfortunately too late for me as mine has gone back.

You need to be faster, your product has great potential but poor support is doing great damage. The reviews on Amazon for the 4k are really bad, but by the sound of it don’t need to be. You need some good review from happy users to shift the balance.


That’s great news! Thanks. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Mine is making me crash (don’t have the problem on vive and rifts). Is there a way I can be a beta tester?



Try arranging a Teamview session with @Pimax-Support as many of us are not experiencing crashes. It is likely some kind of conflict with either software/hardware or a problem occurred during install.

I am like @Enopho interested in more details as support has mentioned software & hardware; so is it something that will work with current 4k headsets or a redesign in hardware with software support.


Thanks for the reply, but I mean me crashing (my bad, that is what my vr heads call it) motion/vr sickness. I see the ghosting and I get a little off center between the ears.


Ah okay my apologies. Have you tried Unity Chan in piplay? Its a demo it has some ghosting but not bad (looks more like a 360 video but rendered scene)

Chibi attack or something like that is an angry birds clone its simple but decent


I couldn’t get the Odyssey in the UK but opted for the next best as far as review go - The Dell Visor. Wow what an impressive piece of tec. Higher res than the Rift, brighter than the Pimax and NO ghosting. Very easy to setup and very comfortable.

In a way this actually makes me more frustrated with Pimax, it had no SDE but terrible ghosting. The Dell has some SDE but no ghosting yet they both use LCD screen’s. If Dell can sort it, Pimax must be able too.


This information seems to indicate a new headset will be replacing this current model in April (code name P1.2/P1.4) not that a new software will be released to update the current ones?


Hi,sorry for my unclear reply above. Regarding the ghosting issue, the engineers are utilizing the spare time from 8K project to fix it through software and hardware, we will let you guys know more details soon.


Software and HARDWARE!!! That is not good. Even more pleased mine has gone.


In short: I will never have the ghost bug corrected, just unfulfilled promises. Sad.