Bad ghosting, Sending mine back


Just have to wait til info is released on this to know what it entails. Might be something easy to swap out or could mean something entirely different.


Based on my experience ghosting is worse if GPU is struggling to keep the framerate.


I just installed 3.0 and the ghost is a lot worse, now I’m seeing ghosts even in videos on YT.


Haven’t checked out 3.0 but that’s horrible to hear ghosting in video playback.

I’d definitely reccommend downgrading til @Pimax-Support can get this looked at.

Increased strong ghosting & performsnce hits not good at all.


I just borrow pimax 4k from my friend to test.

  • Very horrible about ghosting.
  • Colorless for the display (not sure because bad hdmi adaptor or not).
  • pixel still can be watched easily on white image.
    (little concern about 8k, but already check and it has different pixel pattern).

    sony 4k has same pixel pattern like pimax 4k.
    update : the image look better when watching in the game which have colour or dark scene.
  • can see all border (top, left right, bottom) of display inside the HMD (the vision will be square + circle and look unnaturally)

I have ever test all of these.
vive, wearality, mojing, daydream view 2, star vr, acer mixed reality. But pimax 4k shock me so much.

After I update from 2.0 version to be 3.0 version, the ghosting become double!! If I am looking at 1 circle and turn, you will see all 3 circle. (this happen when testing with steam home and look at steam icon of the game which don’t have screen shot).


I am having quite opposite experiance with 3.0 version. I think head tracking has improved hugely. It is not dragging behind anymore. Great!

I think ghosting seems improved or at least the same as before. I would wish for more optimization, since I have GTX1080ti and I have to keep graphics settings relatively low.

I have used Oculus, Vive and few WMR headsets and for me now Pimax 4K is the choise. I mostly play simulator games and I am allergic to Fresnel god rays.


I have test more.
I think the ghosting has so much in steam home, but in the game it has less ghosting, but still not acceptable.

While playing the game and more immersive, the pixel is acceptable (may be famillar with this pixel pattern).
Impressive when test with “Showtime” (the pimax demo).


Another really goid example on hoe good it can be is checkout Unity Chan in piplay. You can press spacebar for goodies like refresh & rendering.

Unity chan shows with good programing that its just not the headset thst causes issues. I hope Unity Chan gets an update for some of the new proposed features of the 5k & 8k. Unity will also show head movement stats ie x & y & if atw asw and more.


I see that showtime said that “play by keyboard”, but why I can see only movie demo without playing?


Might be an idea to try the keyboard but i think its more of a rendering demo like unity chan.


Try to find unity chan in pipay, but can’t found.


Hmm… It might be renamed. I know “Showtime” was also labeled something like “bulletstorm” (both were available lol)


Mine also got terrible ghosting and i will send it back to. I already tryed older versions of Piplay and changed some settings but nothing helped. And after some hours of testing i got a brighter bar on the left lens. I guess a shutter failed there or something.
But the ghosting is just not acceptable for me.


Hi, any news on GHOSTING fix ? For me it looks as SW implemented - for last year not being fixed, as you also must have noticed - PiPlay v.3 made it worst - so seems your methodology is in general OK, you know what could casuse this, but direction of coding just needs to be reversed :slight_smile: I notice that ghosting is especially visible on smooth and slow ROTATION, like very fast moves is not causing such effect, also when only picture moves [ like sitting and watching dynamic movie ] it is not as noticable, so this could be somehow related to rotation / accelerometer compensation ].
I am looking forward to APRIL fix ! ! ! :sunglasses:

@xunshu @PM_Sean @bacon @PimaxVR


Good point maybe even is it Atw mught help with this?

Added some pokes to you post.


I also look forward to solving this problem
I really like my Pimax4k if you solve this problem, I will be happy
and besides me, you’re gonna make a lot of people happy.:slight_smile:

and another question to Pimax-Support :

realistically whether will to remove ghosting
with piplay update on pimax 4K SN:100 helmet versions… ?



wanted to to know
works now Pimax and SteamVr
with Piplay 1/1/92 ?
and less whether in this version of ghosting?


To my understanding, there is unfortunately only one way to improve the motion blur on the pimax 4k: the timing of the shutters.
Pimax uses a high persistant (slow switching, aka cheap :money_mouth_face:) 4k display together with high speed shutter glasses to blank the eyes so that we do not see the persistance while switching to the new frame.
Somehow some of the 4k use a slightly off-timing so that the shutter switches on (you can not see the frame diplayed on the screen below it) to early and/or off (you can see the frame on the screen below) to early. This results in smear and/or ghosting.
There is no easy way in improving the switching time of the display unfortunately (my assumtion, because that would render the shutters useless). Maybe a smal increase of switching time would be possible via increasing the voltage of the lcd driving circuit (like most of the overdrive features work on gaming-lcds) but it seems that with the 4k diplay it is either not possible (cheap driver circuit) or already done within the manufacturing-tolerances and still not fast enough. Maybe someone could hardware-mod an overdrive (higher voltage) some way, but i think such a mod is just a not reasonable effort to do.

So we are left with a control of the timing of the shutters. And for some reason pimax is unable or do not want us to alter the timing by adding a timing-slider in piplay. A pitty.

My 4k had so terrible ghosting that i removed the shutters. For slow paced games it works fine and shows the potential of the 4k screen, but for racing or fast paced shooters i simply can not recommend to do so.

Wait for the 8k it has much faster swithing lcds (low persistance) or hope that pimax offers a panel upgrade to all the 4k users which they said to look into but i doubt it will be released.

Much more feasable business wise is to release an upgraded version of the 4k with the new displays of the 8k after 8k release. I am pretty certain that will happen this year already.


I believe it will be good to update the users here as well if possible on a software solution progress.

@Pimax-Support @jascjazz @xunshu


my experience for pimax4K with vga card geforce 970 ghosting was terrible
after I got 1080ti it far better , ghosting has less effect , with piplay

now I’m feel ok playing elite dangerous , IL2 , X-PLANE