Ballistic NG deserves more attention


So I am giving it some.

It is a Wipeout clone that is basically as good as the original. The music isn’t amazing, but you can fix that by putting whichever (Wipeout) music you like into the custom music folder. It is highly moddable, has great VR support, great performance, cool retro-futuristic graphics, and is really, really, cheap. About 5 usd where I am.

I have played a lot of racers and just refunded Redout because I decided Balistic is better. I think it isn’t really comparable to Dirt Rally, but the quality of the VR is close. A definite must for Wipeout fans.

That is a video of the beta. Now it has comfort options (no tilting, etc), which make it less intense if required.


that takes me back to Wipeout! looks interesting


If you liked Wipeout you won’t be disappointed.
More about it here. It isn’t free anymore but it is very cheap.

And a remake of an original Wipeout level with original music. The nostalgia is overwhelming.


going to try this ££££