Base Stations Update?


First of all, many thanks to the Pimax team for enduring through your holiday breaks to move the KS’es forward. With all the drama and general insanity around here, I think we can all agree this was beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated.

In light of the holidays and the shipping rush, I know a lot of other things might get pushed to the back seat but nevertheless I think this is pretty important. So- two things I really want to know:

  1. Can we please get an update on release of base stations? Anyone here not formerly equipped with a Vive is going to have an issue when they get their headsets. There is going to be a gap between these first batches and when the base stations go live, it would be good to know how long some of us will be without 6DOF.

  2. Regarding purchase of the headsets, I have some credits that can be put towards add-ons. I wish to put my credits towards two base stations (and pay whatever difference) but I have been told by @xunshu that base stations do not count as an add-on. It’s pretty upsetting to see Pimax potentially back pedaling on this, as it’s very clearly shown on the KS page that the base stations ARE an add on. Please allow backers who don’t have a Vive to get ourselves properly set up.

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A couple weeks ago they said the base stations would be ready in October. One important thing to note, Base Station 2.0 (which is what the Pimax base stations are based off of) won’t work with the standard Vive controllers.


Hi @Riccardo, thanks for your support in Pimax. As per the release of base station. we will update more details through our official channels in the future. Please be advised. Sorry for your inconvenience, the coupons can’t buy base stations. Besides,we will inform you if there is any preferential policy in the future. Appreciate for your understanding. Have a nice day!


Just to make it clear.

Are the coupons not enough to buy base stations,
or the coupons can not be used to pay less money for base stations?

If it is the second possibility, why not?


When you say coupon are you talking about the $100 credit you get when you switch from the 8k to the 5k+


It would be great to know what add-ons Pimax DOES intend to accept the coupon for


During the Kickstarter, an individual base station was an extra $75 + $10 shipping. Buying 2 lighthouses was $150 + only $10 for shipping.

My understanding is that the remaining $25 would simply be “store credit”

You can find the options here, but you have to scroll down until you find the accessory price list… .

One option would be to buy some extra face cushions, only $5 each.


This is what needs clarification. The $150 for the two base stations was the KS price, so I understand if Pimax needs to charge us more at this point. Additionally, I have seen that people who wanted to use their hand tracking deposit for other add ons were free to do so.

The base stations are listed as add ons. We should be able to use our credited funds for this. Nowhere before this has Pimax made an indication that base stations suddenly do not count as add ons. Only now that we started asking about them.

I have $200 in credit at this point. What am I supposed to do- buy a ton of face cushions? I will get my HMD, and won’t be able to use it fully. This doesn’t seem right to me :confused:

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We do not produce base stations, but instead buy them from our partner. We can sell base stations in a bundle, but we cannot sell them individually as requested by the partner.


That’s what I was going to do if I changed to the 5k . It’s not like there are a lot of choices.


So, any news yet from your partner about the basestations availability/shipping? @xunshu


will update as soon as I get the info


Are you saying that the base stations are not for sale??? Are you telling us that if we do not have base stations now we do not have base stations at all???


I don’t understand this post. What do you mean by bundle?.. and the accessories you listed (in the link) are already given for free as stretch goals to backers, but basestations and controllers are not part of this list. So, I’m really confused what I can use the 100$ for, that I get for a downgrade to 5K+. Every ‚downgrader‘ is a backer and already get all the stuff you listed!
@xunshu could you just clarify this please?! Please list up what is possible to spend the 100$ on and which items are excluded!


This is what it sounds like to me. They might have mentioned that like about a year ago . I think there are a lot of backers that were going to add the base stations later when they could afford them . I hope Heliosurge is getting a good nights sleep.


Yeah, I see riots about to break


I don’t think you can buy them anywhere separately. The only way to get them is to buy a Vive Pro. As far as I know.


At least HTC will sell some more Vive Pro’s now :blush:
That was a joke. I know it’s not very funny but what do you do.


So Pimax only has bundle deals with Valve where the Basestations v2 are concerned.
That will likely change later when the basestations are released for retail. No need to get them through Pimax either.

And the v1 basestations will work too.

The Vavle knuckels will come out and will probably be sold in a bundle with v2 basestations and my guess is that’s your best option anyway. The pimax controllers will probably have lots of faults compared to the knuckels.


What you can get with the $100 coupon: