Base Stations Update?


Yes, I referred to this paragraph!

„[…]As we will provide $100 coupon for backers that switch 8K to 5K+. You can use the coupon to buy accessories or the X version.
Accessories including - headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame, modules.[…]“

But this is exactly what I wrote: we backers all get this items except:

  • smell module
  • hand motion module
  • 10 meter cable

So, what you describe (by ever posting the link and not answering directly) and not write down is:
‚Spend your 100$ on these three items or buy 5 extra face cushions and a 10 meter cable or go for a module!‘

Do you really think this is what most backers want? A wild guess from me is, that a lot of the backers think about spending the 100$ on basestations, controllers or as an extra paydown for the Wifi module. Could it be used as a paydown for the WiFi module too? It’s at least a ‚module‘.

Again @xunshu please clarify this topic by writing down where the 100$ Can be used for.


I think I’ll save the coupon for later use, or give it to someone since I’m getting all the goodies anyway.

Then, a bit off-topic, as usual:
@xunshu since you’ve apparently managed to ship nearly half of the headsets of the first 100, shouldn’t you be sending the queries to the next bunch of backers already, or are the 100 first still kind of testers group and you wait say 2 weeks they testing the headset before proceeding with the next batch… Idk just thinking out loud :thinking::roll_eyes:

Next batch details?

This is free as a it was a stretch goal.

Also a stretch goal. Also free.

Yup! This is also a free upgrade as a stretch goal. Unsettling trend…

C’mon! You know the words!

@xunshu I know you are not the policy maker here, so I have no intention of “shooting the messenger”, but I hope you understand this is about to become a “significant issue” with the KS community. Are you stating as a fact that the base stations will not be for sale? They were for sale as add ons and now they are not? The management MUST respond to this. There are going to be backers who came from Oculus and WindowsMR devices who are now locked out of full use of their devices. On top of that, Pimax is now holding $100 (or more) in funds that are essentially nonredeemable.

I am asking that Robin Weng please respond to this.


As seen in Riccardo’s screenshot, the Kickstarter very clearly states that the base stations and controllers are “add-ons.” Why wouldn’t using the coupon be considered a bundle given that we are adding to a headset order? I would understand if someone tries to order a base station after receiving the headset, but most of our headsets haven’t even been made yet, let alone shipped…

A bit silly to offer a coupon that almost nobody will use since these things are already included as stretch goals. @xunshu


Do you know if your partner is planning to sell base stations individually by himself?


the kickstarter stretch goal of the $100 coupon can that be added to the $100 coupon from switching from 8k to 5k+ (sorry to jump in on thread)


You can probably add Wireless Module to that list


Hi @xunshu i would like to cancel the one basestation on my pledge and switch it for a coupon. Is this possible? I got secondhand vive basestations.


It sounds like pimax wanted to sell the base stations separately but Valve won’t let them .


Yeah that’s a good point a lot of backers purchased one base station with the intention of buying another one later . Now they cannot do that .


Surely we can use the coupon to put towards the wireless module. That was my plan B .


@xunshu @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR

Now this is NOT FAIR AT ALL. It was NEVER stated until now the base stations couldn’t be bought alone and we couldn’t use the 100$ coupon to buy them.

  • You have decided to not postpone the release of the 5k+ and that was a fair decision.

  • You have offered a free upgrade from 5K to 5K+ and this is really nice for 5K bakers.

  • You have also offered the possibility to switch from 8K to 5K+ with a 100$ coupon as compensation which can be considered fair as long as you let us buy anything with it, INCLUDING BASE STATIONS AND CONTROLLERS.

This 5K+ has been secretly developped with the money from the kickstarter, and now you are telling 8K bakers who “funded” more this 5K+ to accept to be stuck with a useless 100$ coupon when 5K bakers are getting a free 5K+ upgrade ? Serioulsy ?

No, this is completely unfair pimax. It would mean many 8K bakers switching to 5K+ would have paid (funded) their 5k+ 100$ more than 5K bakers. Not acceptable.

If I knew from the beginning the base stations couldn’t be bought later I would have added 2 to my pledge of course. And if I knew the 8K wasn’t going to use RGB panels (= have significantly more subpixels than the 5K) I just wouldn’t have funded it.

Now the reality is there and you are offering a switch to a secretly developped 5K+ as the 8K doesn’t fulfill the initial specs. I can accept that as long as the 100$ coupon let us buy base stations.

So you have to find a way to let us use the 100$ coupon for base stations and controllers (at kickstarter price! Not retail price), and if you really can’t do that then the only fair alternative is to let people decide to have this 100$ coupon refunded when there is nothing they want to buy with it.

Now beside this 100$ coupon issue I just find crazy a base station could only be sold bundled with a headset…
This means someone who will buy his pimax with one BS won’t be able to buy additionnal BS later ?
Or if his BS has a failure after the warranty ended he won’t be able to buy a remplacement BS ??
This is a pure non-sense…


I am surprised by this development. At the same time the more I think on it, I don’t know what good getting the Pimax base stations would do anyone without having the controllers available also anyway. You can’t use the Pimax base stations with Vive Controllers and as far as I can tell you can’t buy Vive Pro controllers separately, so what good would the base stations be until either Knuckles or the Pimax controllers are available?


While I completely feel for you on the subject of the basestations, it would never cross my mind that they might not be possible to buy later, here you take it too far.

Both 8K and 5K were targets of the KS and development of both was funded. 5K eventually turned out as 5K+, but for what it does matter, it could have been 5K (without plus) and no-one will notice. The fact that 5K+ turned out to be so good that Pimax offered to 8K backers to switch and redeem the price difference was not mandated by the KS either (and even an option for 5K backers to switch to 8K for $100 more).

What is unfair is your claim

You can still keep 8K, no one is forcing your hand.


It’s just for head tracking so yes, until the new controllers become available you have a problem.

The Pimax 4K didn’t have controllers or 6dof either and somehow they think that was just fine. They just intend to release the Pimax 8K as full package with hand controllers and basestations to retail. We as backers will have to put up with being first but not have the full usability yet. there was an option to wait until all items were complete though. So that might be what you want now.


Well, as they are not obliged to even offer this swap in the first place, I would be careful about using bold letters to emphasize the outrage. If they said, you backed the 8K, you‘ll get the 8K, because it proves that there will be many complaints about the swapping & the coupon, there are a number of backers who wouldn‘t be very happy with such a result.

I understand the point, that the choice feels rather limited if one considers that we backers will get many of the optional items for free anyhow, but I would look for a more constructive way of looking for a solution. It seems that the LH boxes are the one item which they don‘t intend to offer for use of the coupon for some reason, and I don‘t see how we could force them - unless we want to take an unfair stance towards Pimax. Which would be exactly the kind of behaviour you are complaining about in relation to Pimax, right.
So why not try to be fair on both sides of the table - and look for a solution instead ?


@xunshu please tell us what should the 8K to 5K+ switcher buy with the 100$ coupon??? Then it would better to keep the 8K pledge otherwise the 100$ are LOST! Please talk to Robin Weng.


Are you of the opinion that Pimax prefers you to switch to the 5K+? I don’t think so…You’re not doing Pimax any favors by switching and there are far more reasons for 8K backers to switch to the 5K+ than simply getting a $100 coupon to purchase accessories! If you don’t think so… then keep your 8K pledge… it’s that simple!


I don’t agree with you. My opinion is the 8K didn’t perform as expected (and as marketed by pimax to raise this very successful kickstarter funding) and that’s partially if not mostly due to the 4K panel not being true 4K as it is not RGB as initially planned. Then pimax realized they could achieve an even better image quality with an upgraded panel in the 5K, saving the cost and the hassle of having to deal with a hardware scaler.

I was really upset when I discovered Pimax had hidden to bakers the development of this 5K+, disclosing it at the very last moment, right before shipping were about to begin letting bakers having to rely on only 3 youtubers to decide if they should keep their 8K or switch to the 5K+.

Still it was nice to discover the KS resulted in at least one good headset with the 5K+, so as long as there was a 100$ coupon with which I could buy the base stations I kept my opinion about “how this happened” for me and accepted the tradeoff.

Now if that coupon cannot be used for base stations the 8K switch to 5K+ is not fair anymore. It is asking me to accept to pay 100$ more to be able to switch from 8K to 5K+ when 5K bakers get that switch at no additionnal cost.

We are not even talking about an additionnal cost here but money that have already been paid for funding the development of those headsets, this is 100$ more I have accepted to put off my wallet since 1 year now, for in the end getting nothing better than someone who funded 100$ less.

Sorry I can’t see this being fair unless I’m not restricted to buy something I don’t want to buy with the 100$ coupon. I never planned to buy anything else than base stations to complete my pledged headset. Being forced to buy something I don’t want to buy (or to not use my coupon at all) makes this 100$ coupon not a valid compensation anymore for accepting to switch from my 8K to 5K+.

Not an option, the 8K doesn’t fulfill the specs that initially triggered my funding.

The 5K+ is an exit door for pimax to be able to qualify the KS of real success (in term of resulting product).

And as said above I’m perfectly ok to take this door as long as the deal remains fair, which is not if I cannot use the coupon for getting the base stations.


They’re still 4K panels… can you point out in KS where Pimax claims to use the 4K panel of your choice?