Base Stations Update?


You Coul ie. Buy the smell Modul or the leap motion and sell it ? (Ebay)

And there you would get back 70$ or so …


You are confusing two things. There is nothing hidden or secret about 5K development. We knew from the beginning of the KS that there were two headsets to be developed: 8K and 5K. The fact that during the development it turned out that 5K was on par with 8K was just the consequence of the circumstances and opportunities.

I followed the KS quite closely and the subsequent development too, and there was not much of the information about either headset published by Pimax, but both headsets were constantly acknowledged as both being developed.

This is fair to claim, and being this KS project, it is basically all you are entitled to do. There are apparently still some backers who consider 8K to be better headset and chose it over 5K+. Anything else is up to Pimax to provide and at conditions they decide.

You can be frustrated about how 8K turned out, and given the circumstance, rightly so. When you start to demand Pimax to give you 5K+ instead at conditions you dictate, you cross the line.


Well I understand you but a kickstarter is basically a gamble where you have close to 0 rights to anything at all. You gambled wrong by betting on the 8k instead of the 5k. On the bright side, you could always just sell your pledge. If your number isn’t too high you could easily make a few hundred bucks. Most kickstarters don’t end with such luxury for its backers.


Wasn’t pimax marketing the 8K as using 4K RGB panels ?
Is it fair on both sides of the table to discover this panel finally doesn’t have more subpixels than the 5K/5K+ ?
As far as I know this is even still not acknowledged by pimax and I think to remember a recent quote where they were still claiming it to be RGB.

Yes, “technically” they were not obliged to offer the 8K>5K+ switch but they couldn’t do otherwise, as it would have been terrible to pimax image if bakers had to discover later the disclosure of the 5K+ developped with the KS funds. So I don’t take this switch offer as a flavor, it was just the optimal commercial decision.

The 8K as marketed was the flagship making the kickstarter success (in term of founding).I’m fine with the 8K technical goal not being reached, this is the risk of any KS. But I’m not fine with “how” this missed goal happenend, hidding to bakers the 4K panels were not RGB.

Now things are what they are and I’m ok with switching from a 8K to a 5K+ as long the deal remains fair. I have already suggested a solution if the coupon can’t be used for getting base stations, people should then be able to ask for a refund of the coupon value.

And believe me this is not my prefered solution. By accepting such a coupon refund I would already be accepting a compromise because I would then have to bother with sourcing those base stations myself. This was not the initial KS plan at all, it was never stated you would have to own a vive or buy one to be able to use your pimax with full functionnality in case you don’t add BS to your initial pledge.

The ideal solution would be that pimax find a way to let us use the coupon for getting base stations. They say it cannot be sold separately but is it really the case here ?

I feel I would just receive them bundled with the headset from my pledge. This is just a modification of my pledge, exactly as switching from 8K to 5K+ is also a modification of my pledge. So I can’t take the excuse the problem would be the BS cannot be sold separately.


I remember a pimax FAQ with Q&A’s where it was mentionned the panels will be RGB.

Does my memory fail ?

Was this faq hosted on the website that has recently been taken down due to “hacks” ?

I’m looking for that faq now.


I understand from what they’re saying they can’t sell the base station alone, because of restrictions from HTC/Valve. But if they can have people switch from 8k to 5k, why not from 8k to 5k including base stations? You’d think that would be possible, unless Pimax simply doesn’t want you to.


And what happens if it is assumed that all the accessories you name are already as a gift for objectives achieved during the campaign.

When will a more detailed update of the complements reached by objective during the campaign?


Sorry, I know there is a monster thread on this subject which I could not afford the time to keep track of at some stage, but where did Pimax say in their marketing material before the KS campaign closed that they have a full RGB sub-pixel pattern ?

This is not a rhetorical question, it is just too much to keep track of, but I just don’t really remember that it was said so clearly at the time, only remember that the lens shots of Sweviver initiated a discussion about the sub-pixel structure of the 8K. In my case, I tried the 8K V2 at the time, so I certainly wouldn’t be in a position to complain because I knew what I would be getting (and liked it very much). But I understand that others did not have the opportunity.


I don’t recall ever seeing such a statement mentioned by Pimax… hence the reason why I was asking you where you read that. And I don’t believe there was anything in the FAQ on Pimax’s website that wasn’t discussed in the Kickstarter FAQ.


I remember @xunshu saying the panels were RGB in a forum post, but that was several months and I couldn’t find it in a casual search.


But are we not talking about the information which the backers got when considering whether to plegde or not (or to withdraw before the deadline) ?

How would the information you get mnonths later be creating your “unfair” scenario ?

I believe it is really important to stick to the facts when making such demands. Was the 90 Hz a point they came back on later ? In my view yes. But RGB ? In my view, with the information I recall from the time, simply no.


I don’t think subpixel arrangement was discussed at all during the KS campaign. But I didn’t really pay attention to the 8K because I backed the 5K…


During the KS I raised the question about the panels, both the refresh rate and subpixel arrangement, here:

and this was the only statement I registered from Pimax on the subject:

At that time however, I believe, not many were really concerned about those details.


The thread was interesting… when it was asked about it being RGB… another question directly under that question asks Pimax… “Is it RGBW? It doesnt look like a standard full RGB stripe” - the Pimax response was “We need ask for the vendor”… I don’t think Pimax ever got back to that question as I don’t see anymore discussion of it. Seems to me, Pimax didn’t really know at the time themselves.


Unfortunately, it seems to be so. If they ever asked, they might have even realized the problem with their design…


I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that stand. This issue probably would have never came up with Pimax never released the 5K+. As far as I know… minus the 90Hz issue and the higher GPU requirements… this issue about panels does NOT conflict with what was being sold and told to us in the kickstarter! This is only a problem to you because you feel that Pimax could have used better panels… but there are many things that can improve this HMD… but it’s what it is and what Pimax created. Does the 8K still work? This claim that it’s a problem design… is a bit dramatic.


I believe this “issue” would come up the first time someone had a close look at the panel and realized its “sharpness” did not correspond to the claimed specification. Which actually happened during M1 testing, when Spanish testers complained about “much worse” image, compared to Pimax 4K. They however misplaced the cause to lenses (at that time however no one had 5K+ for direct comparison), while the real culprit was the bad design: feeding upscaled image into 4K panel with only half of the subpixels.


If Pimax knew well the capabilities of the panels, and the fact that they had only the half of the subpixels they could do it differently, reduce the resolution to the half, ditch the scaler and save as much “clarity” as they could, because the panels would anyway be able to display only as many pixels. There is a whole thread about this design decision, and how it could be changed into something far more efficient here.


I don’t recall ever hearing Martin or Sebastian talking/mentioning this in their reviews as if the panels were design problems… just like I don’t see people with WMR hmd’s saying the controllers are design flaws because you can’t track the controllers behind your head!

That’s your opinion that it was a bad design… maybe Pimax should have used O’Led screens and a host of other things… but you still have to balance technology and cost! The fact… the unit works and MOST people are going to choose the Pimax over its competitors because it’s simply better. If that’s a design flaw… then so be it.


So you prefer the Vive Pro instead?