Base Stations Update?


And what if Pimax never mentioned the 5K+… 8K or Vive pro?


Broken because it doesn’t have the specs you demand! WOW… if only every manufacturer had such a policy. There’s not many things I own that I think the manufacturer couldn’t make better if they only used better and more expensive technology… and if they would do that without adding additional cost… UTOPIA!!!


Kickstarter projects has always goals, not specs carved in stone. My opinion.


Its not the specs HE demands, its the specs listed on the kickstarter page.


I never claimed that (and I guess @LoneTech neither). The irony in this case is that the “better design” will be cheaper and simpler as it will not need scaler at all and at the same time provide better control over the panel’s pixels and subpixels.

I do not claim that the current design is bad, because they did not use better panels, or better scaler or whatever. I claim it is bad because with the components they already had they chose to waste significant part of the information and simply by “connecting the things differently” they could do it much better.


Well it is what it is now, nothings gonna change anymore. I’m accepting the fact that the 8k wasn’t everything they planned it to be. They tried.

It’s just money, life goes on, more projects are waiting in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you found that statement, why didn’t you copy in the question from VRGIMP a couple of minutes later:

And Pimax’ response one hour after their initial statement:

So actually, looking at this communication, the backers would have to be considered having been sort of warned that it might not be full RGB after all.

When making arguments towards Pimax, we should concentrate on building a solid foundation. As said, the 90 Hz would seem more promising that this full RGB argument.


Yes, and since Pimax never responded to this question, the only information we got was the message I quoted earlier. Anyway, I am not trying to build an argument with that, I just responded to the several posts above from people who thought they had read it somewhere too, but were not sure where exactly.


And exactly what specs are your referring too on the kickstarter page? Can you please point them out or quote them for me? Thank you!!!


I wouldn’t really argue that to be honest. The status at the time was, that VRGimp had addressed an observation which made him believe that the first statement was at least misleading, in the sense that it wouldn’t be full RGB stripe what people expect if you say RGB. And Pimax then says, oh, I need to discuss this with the vendor then. That implies that they are no longer sure about the first statement, and they did not confirm it later on.

I am not trying to defend Pimax for not coming back to that but letting it open, I am just saying that from a logical standing point we cannot argue that at the time of closure of the KS campaign, the backers were in a position to believe that this was full RGB stripe.

Remember, this discussion started on the point of Pimax being “unfair” if swapping backers cannot use the coupon coming from downgrading to the 5K+ where I just pointed out that Pimax was under no obligation to offer such swap in the first place. And the argument was brought up, that Pimax was under the obligation to offer the swap because they lied to the backers (prior to closure of the KS) about the panels being full RGB stripe.

If VRGimp had not responded, the claim would be correct. But as it stands it had been watered down again into the obscure realm of uncertainty.


As already said I was remembering a FAQ where RGB was mentionned.
I was unable to find that FAQ back at the moment, I just find similar FAQ but the layout is different.

However I was able to find back this engadget article from October 2017 where they say pimax confirmed RGB subpixel arrangement:

“Speaking of display panels, unlike the PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, the Pimax 8K uses CLPL or “customized low persistence liquid” panels instead of OLED. |…] It’s unclear what sub-pixel arrangement has been applied to this CLPL technology, but I’ll update here if I hear back from Pimax about this. Update: Pimax confirmed that CLPL uses RGB sub-pixel arrangement, which is denser than PenTile as used on the Vive and the Rift.”

Also in the comments by the author of this article:

“I did mention that I’m waiting for Pimax to confirm the sub-pixel arrangement (I specifically asked about RGB vs PenTile because PSVR went with the former and it works well). But also, I did not notice any screen door effect on the Pimax 8K.”


Just confirmed with Pimax: it’s RGB here, not PenTile.

That was October 13rd 2017, so yes pimax publicly promoted RGB subpixel layout before the end of the KS.

And for the argument pimax could just have discovered later it was not RGB, I don’t find it correlates well with this statement from them:

“Our co-founders have over 20 years experience in display era, including many years in VR. Some of the core team members come from display industry and maintain close relationships with display suppliers. That’s one of the reasons why we care about visual so much.”

20 years experts in display with close relationship with display suppliers not noticing the panel is not RGB ?

Sorry for being off-topic with this, but I was pointed there was no RGB claim from pimax at the time of the kickstarter.


So it basically comes down to an article from one reviewer who really doesn’t say who in Pimax made that comment and that is to you … [quote=“neelrocker, post:77, topic:9149”]
so yes pimax publicly promoted RGB subpixel layout

Ok… I’m going to drop this now and let you have the last word but not before I say… claiming Pimax PUBLICLY PROMOTED RGB subpixel from your evidence is a reach… a LONG REACH!!!


To all the usual suspects on this thread blathering on about the 8k, 5k+, pentile, RGB, etc: you’ve already ruined the rest of this forum with your goddamned childishness. I set this thread to talk about the BASE STATIONS. We are possibly being told we cannot buy them. This is a big fucking problem. Take your fucking bullshit to another fucking thread and let us try and have a civil discussion about this issue before this gets shut down or locked.



I’m sorry for that as that was not my intention to derail this thread from the initial subject.


[to be moved to another thread along with all the other off-topic points]

Okay, I’ll concede that point to a certain degree, if they indeed let that information flow around for three weeks in the FAQ & articles, it is not great to only water it down a few days prior to the end of the campaign, and not even on the same level of visibility as a FAQ & article…


So what can the $100 coupon be used for?

-hand tracking module?
-scent module?

Anything else of substance we aren’t already getting as a stretch goal?


I was also planning to get basestations with the $100… I would even offer the extra $ difference to make it a “bundle”

Also, the pimax response about the stretch goals leaves some concern as I was under the impression that they were a free-to-the-backer gift. Not that the stretch goals were a promise to develop these items, then you could buy them…

Interested to see the pimax response…


It said ‘Free’ on the goals, they are also third party, so I’m not sure how this would mean they would only decide to develop them.


Appreciated, neelrocker. Apologies for the salty mouth, I am just really worried Pimax will possibly be looking for any way to pivot out of the matter at hand.


I know, this is why I’m concerned…
Xunshu said we can use the 100$ coupon for items that I thought we were going to get for free anyway…
That would be pretty deceptive on the part of pimax…