Base Stations Update?


Pimax always has said the stretch goals were gifts. Why do you think otherwise?


Yea she listed the stretch goal items as possible usages for the coupon. That doesn’t necessarily imply the stretch goals aren’t gifts ALSO. Just options for the coupon.

You could sell items to later retail customers for instance.


@xunshu just curious, if I wanted to pay extra myself (credit card or via kickstarter if possible) to add base stations to my headset order, would that be allowed?
Because if so, then the base station coupon limitation is completely Pimax’s decision, not the partner’s.


This is true, I didn’t see it that way at first…

I just want to use my coupon for whatever I want in their add-ons page… I don’t think that’s too much to ask…

I would trade all the stretch goals for the base stations.

I am looking forward to the sweet fan though…


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It would be nice if some one from Pimax confirmed what the $100 could be used for, I would like to know if it can be used for the WiFi module.


When i first saw Pimax stretch goal i know that i reacted this is a bad idea for them, hope they still manage to give what we were promised with those goals. And that we can use the cupon on wifi module.

To all you that want base stations v2 you know you cant use then right? there is only Vive Pro wands that work on the market and to have them you already have v2 base stations.


Riccardo had a bloody good point about derailing the thread. I removed my comments for being off topic.

As for base stations, I strongly recommend having at least one. VR without positional tracking is terribly crippled; I already have a headset (FOVE 0) with similar resolution, full RGB, and eye tracking, that I don’t use mostly because the tracking is not so good. A secondary reason is that they don’t have tracked controllers (which I don’t use anyway in Elite).

I am personally less affected by this bundle question since I backed for a full bundle and have a Vive set, but it certainly is weird to have them excluded; I was under the impression that these were Pimax base stations, even if they’re manufactured by someone else. I don’t see a good reason it couldn’t be counted as bundled for the kickstarted headsets, considering the backed bundles are already shipped split.

On the other hand, the stretch goals and voucher offer are quite generous, and with a third party involved for making the base stations they will have higher cost, so perhaps it would be reasonable to have it be a discount for a base station rather than cover it entirely?


V2 will work with the Pimax HMD and the Pimax controllers. But yes, they will not work with the gen1 Vive wands.


It has been stated by xunshu that we can use credit to purchase items from the stretch goals. If we’re being generous, you could interpret that as anyone is free to buy a duplicate. I think a more plausible interpretation is that we are not getting them for free. They are walking back their position of base stations being add ons, so I think clarifications are definitely in order.


Very much appreciated. And I am sorry about the hard language. Again- just concerned about maximizing the visibility of this issue to the Pimax team.


I definitely consider this a concern even though I got the deluxe package.

I don’t mind another company making them for Pimax… But, they should be ready to sell them to people that aren’t backers. Or at least tell people where they can be aquired…

My brother wants to buy 2.0 base stations from Pimax since HTC are being jerks and not selling them separately.


Yeah you went all Neanderthal. :imp:

Anyway, reads here that
“There’s still no telling when the general public will be able to purchase the 2.0 base stations”
“Valve previously said they expect 2.0 base stations to ship to licensees in early 2018, but noted that supply will likely be limited initially. Valve further said OEMs will be able to order the 2.0 base stations in bulk (at $60/unit + shipping) from Valve and repackage them as part of their products.”

So basically it was known that the basestations aren’t for sale individually.
Again, a classic case of a bad communication by Pimax :frowning:

@PimaxVR you should really hire a PR person!

Edit. Emphasis on “as part of their products” thus not separately


I hear ya. Pimax is failing pretty regularly in this department.

The bigger concern to me is that Pimax is essentially walking back their position of offering the base stations for sale. Whatever matters arose in early 2018 between HTC’s production and the sale to the general public should not be conflated with Pimax’s obligations. In my mind, these base stations were for sale at the time of the pledge with no indication from Pimax that they would be otherwise. Canceling their availability is bad faith dealing by any reasonable measure.

I can imagine a few scenarios as to how they can remedy this, and hopefully they are working on a response. There should be a way to fairly resolve this for anyone who is currently getting burned.


maybe we can use it also when a new improved 8k model in the future comes out


Well it may be hard to nail down a base station availability date and some of this fall outside Pimax’s control, but I do wonder what type of partnership would prevent Pimax from selling individual parts crucial to the operation of it’s headset in it’s own store.
I bought a 3rd rift sensor a while back. Went to the Oculus store and clicked BUY. Any more complicated than that and my next purchase is likely elsewhere. Pimax is my next hmd. Whether they are the one after that depends a lot on if they grasp the need to support their customers needs.


They are being serious about their jerkiness too, made sure no separate basestations can be bought through pimaxxes either


Makes you wonder if there is some kind of problem with the business relationship between Valve and Pimax which would explain why Pimax doesn’t have any units yet.


Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a response from Pimax in the next several hours during their next business day.


Yep, that MUST be it! Valve also must have a bad relationship with HTC then based on that logic, because as far as I know you can’t buy v2 base stations from them either.

What everyone in this thread is failing to realize is that you don’t need v2 base stations at all, they are just cheaper to produce as compared to the v1 base stations and have less moving parts (so less that can go wrong and might cause something to malfunction). The only real benefit to consumers of the v2 base stations is that it allows for bigger play areas (by adding in extra base stations to cover more area), and if you’re planning to utilize them for that reason then I could see why those people would be upset.

In any other case, why not just buy some v1 base stations? They work great and as far as I know the v2 tracking isn’t any better or worse. That also means you don’t have to worry about getting controllers compatible with the v2 technology (so you could use second hand vive wands or something like that), and if you do want to upgrade to something like knuckles later on the v1 base stations have no issues with tracking v2 controllers/trackers.


A valid argument, but the problem is that it’s difficult to accept to pay so much for new base stations 1.0 made with “old” technology. At these prices most customer wants the new thing…