Base Stations Update?


This is not acceptable!

You can not change the rules after taking backers money. I only ordered 1 single base. Am I stuck with just one base station forever? Do I now have to buy some bundle and end up with three bases?, Or are bundles only for new retail buyers getting a HMD also?

Those that have not received their HMD, should be allowed to convert to a bundle. That would NOT violate individual sale agreements!!


I have to argue that right now V1 Base Stations are better considering the only controllers compatible with V2 Base Stations right now is the Vive Pro controllers. Good luck getting your hands on those.


I’m in the same boat. I thought I had just pledged for the headset alone but after checking I saw I have been cautious enough to add a single BS to my pledge.

Now my plan has always been to first test the headset with simulators with this single BS and at a later point buy a 2nd BS when knuckles or pimax controllers would be available.

Vive wands is not an option for me, they don’t look very good after being used to the rift touch. And even when considering knuckles or pimax controllers I’m not sure I could mix a v1 and v2 BS if I cannot buy an additionnal v2 BS.

This is something pimax must address.


Yeah, unless you have a huge arena to play in the V1 Base Stations are technically better since they are backwards compatible.


Hello @Pimax-Support @xunshu and @PimaxVRWireless when you say we can use the $100 coupon for a module if we choose the 5k+ but originally backed the 8k, the wireless module classifies as a “module” correct?


Yes, indeed. This is unacceptable.

I ordered an 8K and 1 base station. Pimax’s 5K+ and $100 credit sounds fine, but I was planning to get either: another base station or maybe the Leap Motion module.

I don’t want to buy duplicate accessories which were Kickstarter Stretch Goals. At the bare minimum, I would expect to buy anything on the Add-ons list on the Kickstarter page, which includes base stations.

I think you could tell the vendor that these are indeed part of a bundle, since we’ve all purchased headsets.


This is a bit of a surprise, I didn’t order any Base Stations, I thought I would be able to buy them separately later. Can I still add them to my pledge now? and if so how? I don’t see any links on my Kickstarter pledge?


Although they’re v1 basestations, a single one from Vive would actually be sufficient. No need to get any from Pimax really.


Yes it will be. Will it work with the Pimax Knuckle controllers though? Can’t remember what was said about the compatibility.


I believe it’s backwards compatible. So the 2.0 devices will work with 1.0 lighthouses.


V1 base stations work with V2 equipment (e.g. pimax headsets and controllers)
V2 base stations only work with V2 equipment so vive wands won’t work


Out of Stock!
No chance to get base stations except on ebay or you buy an complete vive packege :wink:


This seems to be some mafia practise though. Sell cars but you can’t buy single tires, only new cars


HTC is fighting for its survival. Every VR counts for them :smirk:


They should stick to selling lighthouses and controllers and quit the headset game since they can’t produce anything worthwhile apparently


So, if we run into cable and basestation got broken or controller fall , we have to buy another full pack hmd?


That’s case by case.
You should contact support if anything fail.

BTW, You can use coupon to buy controllers.


But @xunshu, there’s almost nothing to buy after the full package pledges combined with the stretch goals.
Hint: I’d want a Pimax hoodie or a beanie though


You can buy whatever produced by Pimax.
If we get free hands to make hoodies and beanies, we will add the SKUs in our online store for sure.

How about transfer the coupon to your friend?

What to buy with your $100 coupon

So you model almost all of the videos towards using one base station but I cant purchase one base station?