Base Stations Update?


Backers were able to add single base station during Kickstarter.
We can add a SKU online if necessary.
sorry but we can only sell in bundles.


So a ‘bundle’ is no longer possible? Because if we backed a headset and now we want a basestation with that, that would not count as a bundle? They had to have been ordered at the same time?


If we can transfer then we are free to sell our coupon, right?


OK, seems I’m too stuck with the single base station.

Can somebody remind me if we can setup the heaset with one basestation or do we need to have 2? Thank you!

IMHO removing the option to buy the basestation separately is not good at all. When you buying Vive you know what to expect and how this works. When I was choosing single basestation in KS, I was told that one base station is enough for sitting games I’m playing. I thought that if I need to, I can buy extra basestation later.


That’s still true though


Hi Xunshu,

Can you please explain - if you’ll add SKU later, how this will work?

Thank you!


for sitting games you dont need a base station, the gyrosensor will let your head turn right or left, no room movement


that’s really a SHIT and not good for your image



So you cant sell base stations seperately. Fair enough.
does this mean we are able to upgrade a headset only pledge to a full bundle if we pay the extra?


Let us know what combos you think we should add to our sales channels. We can discuss with the team.


I would think most likely you can when they send the query to you. It’d be pure profit for Pimax to sell more.


I’ll discuss with the team and get back to you.


Hi xunshu, Just to had my voice to those whom already spoken

I don’t feel in any way that Pimax should be obligated to apply the 100$ coupon on products that they don’t make but:

It’s not acceptable that PIMAX can’t sell base stations to backers who get a headset from them. I could understand that you can’t sell base stations separately to everyone but to backers and customer buying a headset this is not acceptable…

The same thing in the future we are your clients now and selling base station in part of the after sale service. Base stations are not optional accessory but an component
needed to get 5K+ or 8K headset working properly.

Beside most of us would prefer to give you more money then to give it to HTC



Pimax has to learn yet a lot about marketing and customer care. They have a next gen product in their hands but don’t know to market it. Why they don’t hire business consultants or someone in marketing???


It really sounds like this is a restriction HTC put on them, not a marketing decision of their own.


Its not HTC its Valve that makes the base stations. (own the rights)


Exactly, it simply could be a requirement from Valve to their customers. Maybe Valve cannot produce more.


It is a restriction from Valve. I remember at kickstarter time this was made clear, hence I ordered the full package. The other packages were labelled as suitable for when you already owned a Vive.

But yea, it wasn’t made SUPER clear.


Maybe but it’s not a question of who’s the fault but this is not a sustainable position for the clients. Make a base station pre sale bundle and ship it later if you must…

This has real incidence I have 2 htc base stations if htc decide also to provide only base stations to base customer what will backers do? Before buy a new 2000$ GPU I you like to know if I can have spare parts for my marvellous Vr system.


You also replied a while back that you would investigate the issue of whether Steam VR can run the initial setup with just 1 base station. It was reported that 1 will work but the initial setup required 2. ???