Base Stations Update?


@xunshu What makes up a bundle?

Is it two base stations?
Is it two base stations and a HMD?
Is it two base stations, controllers, and a HMD?


That’s been solved a while ago


I’d say it’s a HMD with the basestations, otherwise the restriction would be easy to avoid just selling a pimax keyring with the basestations and call it a bundle.


I’ll wait for the official response and you should too.


I must have missed that. What is that solution and where was it referenced please?


Not sure where I’ve read it exactly, but I remember reading that they’ve fixed it. The issue indeed was that you needed 2 BS to complete setup. Pimax fixed that and now that’s not needed anymore


Let’s do just that and in the mean time we can speculate.


The youtube guys mentioned that in their videos as well. A box is enough for the gaming, two are necessary to set up!


I asked the question several times including directly about 3 weeks ago and haven’t read that but if it is indeed the case I am sure those who would be affected will be happy to hear.


We should at least be allowed to add base stations to our current order, which for most people the headsets haven’t even been made. Then it would be considered a bundle! Or worst case scenario, even just bundle the controllers and base stations.
Coupon aside, this means that people who planned to order base stations later will never have base stations unless they order V1 from HTC which is ridiculous. It would be a good idea to negotiate with the partner to allow the selling of base stations to confirmed Pimax headset customers at any later time.


Sooooooo how hard would it be for some Chinese company to reverse engineer the basestations and produce some cheap knock-offs? Or would they never do such a thing?


Yep as @Virtualmisterl, asked, i want also to change my pledge.
I pledged only for the hmd first and waited for the results of how would work the base stations (HTC or Pimax )
Now, thing is that i don’t own any vive or other hmd’s systems so i NEED 2 basestations.

What did you prefer?
1 reciving my money by giving possibility to upgrade my pledge?
2 Let me buy Vive basestations on ebay? (And lost money feed…)

Thanks to make us able to do that.
Sounds not so complicated huh? :wink:



would be the BEST solution if everybody could choose before shipping if he wants the HMD together with 1-2 base stations and controllers to pledge. @xunshu, give us this option please.


So if the lighthouses sold by Pimax fall out of warranty, we must buy a new headset?


Yes, this thing about not being able to buy v2 basestations is rediculous. The only thing I can think of is Valve being worried about HMD makers using steam tracking without being a “partner” (I don’t know if valve charge any fees), but they are screwing over their own customers not allowing end users to buy basestations.


why does everyone assume that the partner or the problem is Valve?

as far I know, Valve never produced Lighthouse and it’s not a hardware manufacturer.

SteamVR Tracking license is completely free of charge

"There is no certification from Valve necessary. Ship the product you want to build, whenever you think it’s ready"

hardware is from Triad Semiconductor, not from Valve


This has been published earlier at roadtovr:

Valve previously said they expect 2.0 base stations to ship to licensees in early 2018, but noted that supply will likely be limited initially. Valve further said OEMs will be able to order the 2.0 base stations in bulk (at $60/unit + shipping) from Valve and repackage them as part of their products. HTC currently sells replacement 1.0 base stations for $135/unit + shipping, which could give us some indication of the cost savings from the new base stations.



The base stations will have their own design or they will just be the regular base stations from Vavle?

If so why do we have to wait to get them?


Guys, is nobody here working in any tech industry? OEM‘s are always limited to sale of the licensor‘s product only in conjunction with their own product - that‘s basically the one and only distinction between an OEM and resellers.

Here it appears as if the licensor (Valve or a licensee of Valve) has offered the LH stations only on OEM basis. Very likely in order to avoid a competition between vendors addressing different market segments (business vs. consumers) with what would be effectively exactly the same product. How can HTC or StarVR ask 150 or 200+ USD if Pimax came along and sold they same box for 80 USD ?

It‘s standard business practice, and it will not be Pimax‘ choice at all - reselling LH stations with a healthy margin would be their easiest way of making good money. But it’s safe to assume that their OEM contract prohibits it.


You’r right, I found this from FAQ:

Why aren’t you letting third-parties build their own versions of SteamVR base stations?

For now we need to make sure that there is complete compatibility among
base stations and tracked devices. Longer term, we do want the hardware
community to help us evolve base station design and to help innovate in
that area, but given our own limited bandwidth we need to push that
collaboration out to some future date.

so pimax is blameless, they simply can’t