Base Stations Update?



I was looking for some, some days ago, can find controllers also on amazon but for 170$ or so, to use with the 8k while waiting stations and use them later with my 4k.
But instead I got a full hmd used vive for about 300$.


@xunshu this is the best solution available for backers who pledged HMD only OR just 1 base station

Allow them to pay extra for the full package

You already had a system setup to pay extra after the kickstarter correct?


What you forget to mention is that on other circonstances you can buy the retail version for a higher price. Ei: Windows. Give me on example of a consumer product that rely so tightly on a OEm product you can’t buy if your not under warranty. The definition of bundle is only a question of negotiation between pimax and is partener.


The sensors are from Triad Semiconductor, the bases stations are from Valve, they make them, they are the producers.


It’s not very nice to your backers to change the rules you promised?

From this thread - Later purchase of controllers / base stations?

matthew.xu Oct '17 Wmacky

You can buy it after the kickstarter campaign, but we can’t guarantee
delivery time, because we guarantee that the kickstarter user will get
the product as soon as possible. and the price is more than the
kickstarter campaign. Thank you


I don’t think Pimax want this situation but they must try to discuss it with there partner and agree to at least give the possibility to buy a base station 2.0 if you have a Pimax headset

Like said by other here the shortage situation of the 2.0 base stations might be related to this current policy. Those base stations are still not available separately from HTC too


Do you wonder if HTC has been pulling some strings here? I was surprised Pimax could sell individual base stations for so cheap when HTC charges a fortune


Aren’t the Base Station a Steam product?
It’s probably them.


Steam is owned by Valve.


Yes Steam/Valve but until now HTC has had an exclusive on them. With Pimax emerging I bet HTC’s doing everything they can to cock block them. Im surprised they haven’t just bough them out yet


From the rumblings and articles, it sounds like HTC can barely afford the morning coffee.


Guys seriously use your heads.

First of, the reason why Pimax probably can’t sell base stations are most likely the same reason why HTC cannot, there just aren’t enough of them right now. Neither HTC or Pimax can sell the base stations separately.

When there are enough you’ll probably be able to buy them directly from Valve, the base stations are not a Vive product, they are not in competition with each other.

Pimax can not sell you individual base stations no matter how much you complain about it because they don’t decide if they can or not. When the base stations actually exist you’ll be able to buy them, just not from Pimax or HTC for that matter.


Nobody’s asking for them to be sold separately, we are asking to have them bundled with our already pledged HMDs!

I’m guessing you really don’t care because you have a bundle coming, or already have Base-stations?


Supply & Demand. By what I have read through here.

  • Valve
  1. Makes & thus controls v2.0 oem LH supply.
  2. Valve is not able to produce high enough volume as yet.
  3. Valve has License agreements with Partners like HTC, LG & Pimax.
  • pimax
  1. Ordered Quantity based on Kickstarter Orders.
  2. Base Cost $60/unit oem; + Cost of rebranding(skinning) brings cost over KS price of $75? Each. Valve may have conditions on not selling the oem v2.0 LH as packaged.
  3. Non kickstarter standalone will have to sell for $100+ per unit.
  4. Valve probably has a min Order quantity & a back order list.
  • EDiT: Does anyone know if Valve’s OEM comes with the power adapter?


Additionally, since we are now in a situation where Pimax is on the WRONG side of the supply/demand curve…

Any attempt by Pimax to negotiate a larger quantity to cover the current influx of backers wanting to ADD to their KS means that Valve is in the position to renegotiate BOTH quantity, price per unit (which will be higher due to s&d), and expected delivery date (this further delaying the ability to fulfill existing KS pledges)

Any way you look at it, Pimax is screwed - either by Valve and the situation, or by whiny backers wanting to make a change in the 11th hour when commitments and timetables are already in play.


The BS1 appears to and is usually stated on places like Amazon. I recall a couple of places where they don’t state it’s included but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t.


Not quite what I mean. Valve sells the oem LH v2.0 to companies like htc\lg\pimax. Valve likely doesn’t supply wall adapters. So the adapter is another plus cost.


Hey let’s keep this civil. Both parties.

If your teleport money thing was taken the wrong way then explain.

Simply put am going to remove the teleport msgs save this one.


1 - No obligation to ship LH now, simply charge the extra if someone want to have them when available problem solved
2- They will have to renegotiate a new batch for retail next year no problem to add some for warranty or special order : problem solved
3- Oem rules a not written in stone, if Pimax is a great success chance of getting and arrangement are better.
4- If nobody complaint nothing will append for sure

Th reasoning would be the same for HTC if you can’t buy spare parts from them this decrease the value of the product.