Base stations "very soon" or late march 2020

I have a plan: No plan

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@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

Is there any update to be had regarding splitting the shipment of LHs and SS controllers?

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Well If I have to wait till march or God knows when, then I NO LONGER WANT PIMAX CONTROLLERS!!! Just send me the base stations ASAP. I already bought the Index controllers from Valve and I need the base stations NOW!!!

Issue me a credit for the controllers and send me the base stations. This is really getting out of control now, I can’t even get a reply from my support ticket, and for the love of god can someone from Pimax tell me if the controllers the backers will receive are the Plain Sword or the Sword Sense?


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What kind of controllers are we getting from Pimax, Sword or Sword Sense?

This has been officially been answered somewhere.
Backers will get Sword Sense IF they are willing to wait till…whenever…they are ready.
But you can choose to get the simple swords earlier.

Since they said that the release of the sword sense will happen way after the simple sword,
I conclude that it‘s the simple sword controllers they are planning to ship in march.

The simple sword controllers though are basically almost same tech what we know from good ol vive back in the day, so you probably won‘t want them.

Pimax answered me on the ticket that they can’t answer me.

That I must refer to the update for backers where they specify that will send the bases “soon” and the swords/bases in March. But in the same ticket Pimax also told me that the Swords will be in May. So now I don’t know what to expect, the only thing I know is that if I’m going to have to wait for Swords and bases to be sent to me together, this is going to be a unfair treatment with people who haven’t asked for Swords or who are going to switch to Knuckles.

It also doesn’t track with what they’ve been saying they’d LIKE to do; e.g. they’d like to send basestations early to anyone who asks, but don’t know how to pass on the shipping costs from the separate packages.

I would be willing to wait until January, always in case they send the MAS, additional face cushion AND bases. But I couldn’t wait until May with the controllers (mostly because nobody assures me that they will be ready in May).
In case they only allow a free backer shipment (which is totally logical and understandable), this would be the right way to use that shipment and I would be willing to pay for the shipment of the controls later.


The sword controllers they’re talking about in May aren’t the controllers they sold backers, they’re crappy Vive wands…cheap outdated tech. The Sense controllers are what they sold us and will come sometime later than the Swords are available, likely much later.
So waiting for controllers to get our base stations means either accepting crappy outdated tech that’s worth much less than we paid to get base stations in May (Pimax time so more likely Dec 2020 if we’re lucky) or waiting even longer. My bet is in about 2022.

The Kickstarter update said June 2020 for sword sense. So hard to say why later update said backers for March 2020 as that was just Sword.

Maybe @PimaxUSA could let us know if the Sword Sense completion date has been revised to March 2020 as Backers get Sword Sense.

Of which we were always to receive Sense Controllers they just decided to make 1 flavor after committing 2 making both Trackpad & Stick as Sense. Why we had choice of versions; now really only 1 fits.

Hopefully pimax nails this date without delays as a pleasant surprise. :beers::smirk::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


@PimaxUSA: Can you give an Update to the shipping Status for Base Stations only, please. When will they be shipped?


I want to say nothing wrong but I believe the base stations will be shipped with the controllers next year to save shipping costs …

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Hmm, why not ship together with MAS to reduce shipping costs?

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I dont know…

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There was an update by @SweViver about receiving lighthouses ahead of pimax Sword Sense controllers. i had also asked Robin about this & was also told Lighthouses could be received ahead of controllers.

@SweViver update from his inquery was ominous that yes we could but will double shipping Costs(which doesn’t make sense). They should just package it with the MAS as we already paid shipping.

The big question of which has been completely ignored is Warranty. As original KS plan shipping Lighthouses & controllers were suppose to start shipping within 3 months of the headsets. Some whom opted to wait for full package to ship(if not all) had this request ignored & headset shipped to them anyway.

The Warranty issue is this. Those waiting on Light Houses & pimax Sword Sense cannot test the headset for full function. Our Warranty in respect should not start counting down until Controllers ship; completing our full package.


That is indeed the thing that bothers me most. The warranty. I have a strong feeling that Pimax wants to loose the backers asap and therefore all non-backer things get prioritised.
Same thing with the “coupon” as well as all sorts of shipping costs.

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But what about the people who Orderes the Base Stations only?

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You didn’t order a headset? J\K :laughing:

Once your KS pledge is complete. So if you receive your headset & 1 lighthouse with Stretch goals your warranty would start to count down as your not waiting on controllers.