Be glad pimax have not finalised those new controllers


Im not sure Pimax really needs to change the design anymore. I like the idea of having a right controller with touchpad and left with thumbstick. I think the Odyssey controllers are a bit confusing and tight having both thumbstick and touchpad squeezed in. Not a big fan of it.
Having that said, of course I will buy the Knuckles as well, no doubt :slight_smile:


stupid dead linger… another thing I backed that didn’t happen… thanks for reminding me!!


Its alright i grabbed Sons of Nor & it seems dead as well. Grrr lol. But hey it supports Tobi eye tracking not that I have one. :sob::joy:


all i will say is the whole thing of steam allowing custom button mapping is going to make things a lot easier.


i agree, sort of.

truth is that way back when the kickstarter first began. When they were on Tested. They had vive style wands. I dont think they had any intention of making knuckles controller.
The only question that they kept being asked about was whether the controllers would be knuckles style, even though valve themselves hadn’t even finalized the design yet.

I dont know if it was the language barrier or pressure from the overwhelming success of the kickstarter, but i feel they bowed to the pressure of very demanding (and rightfully so) backers, and decided out of thin air that they were going to make knuckles controllers. (i’m happy in a way that they chose this, but probably a bad business decision)

so from day one, the entire purpose of this was to chase an undefined spec. Truth is i’m pretty sure at least one knuckles developer from valve is a pimax backer and are following the clear demand from pimax for a joystick proper, that may have influenced the EV2 design. Pimax is doing the public research work that valve never did.

either way you are right that the ev2, is probably not even final and the knuckles may yet end up being completely defferent and pimax may be in a losing battle trying to out do valve to meet requirements that arent even solid yet.

I really wanted a joystick, but last year i ordered them with the kickstarter and remembered how bad it was to try to play vive only games with a oculus touch. Of course now valve supports input remapping so it will probably be ok.

.wow how long is this post…?


As long as some of my own. Lol.

But a great post never the less.

It’s like the old debate playststion style controller vs Xbox style.

In ways it seems more natural in the Xbox style to drop your thumb down onto the D-Pad.

Nintendo ran with that & put both sticks on the Top; of which I think was a better design as well. To drop your thumb back & down for A B Y Z


Yeah, i know there are alot of track pad fan boys out there and i appreciate that. I was watching the VR Roundtable discussion last week with Nathie. And i think it was that rowdy guy who was asked what he thought about the trackpad vs joystick debate and he wa pro trackpad. His main argument was that it was amazing to use menus with.

I was like uh… ok… video games have been around for 40+ years how did we ever manage with out a track pad to navigate menus?

you got to have more reason than that to say your prefer track pad over joystick.

Have you noticed that originally game input devices all looked different, but today they dualshock 4 vs the xbox one are basically identical?

even sony eventually with the DS4 came around to analog triggers because they caved and realized that maybe sega was right about that with the dream cast all along.

controllers have ended up the way they have over 40 years of iteration. You cant just get rid of joysticks and buttons, they are simply the best way to interact with a controller.

I personally think hand tracking is going to the future of vr but you will always need to compliement that with a physical object in your hand.

I dont understand why i cant just play a game like elite or project cars with my hotas or steering wheel but take my hand off the wheel and flip a virtual switch in a cockpit to retract my landing gear

best of both worlds how immersive would that be?


Indeed & that’s where Microsoft got a lot of ideas from there partnership at the time for the Xbox.

Steam controller added a nice feature to the Analog Triggers, fully pressed had a digital switch. Great fir gas plus turbo or shoot n reload etc.

This is the Wi U pro controller

See how the analog sticks are both at the top instead of bottom or staggered.


If VrGluv succeeds, maybe game devs will implement uses for it into their games. Even if they don’t entirely rely on the gloves for controlling things, being able to push buttons in a car or plane would be nice. If it works well enough, maybe it could be a sort of replacement for a shifter in a car in case you don’t own a physical one.


We need type C too, and a charging dock for the 2 controllers would be nice.


AA rechargeable 2500ma batteries last me for several long sessions (days) in both Xbox controller and Touch. I can swap between 2 sets in seconds while the 2nd set charges. Since Pimax has taken some design hints from Oculus Touch, I am hoping this is one of them.


they are still running steam vr sensors, i would imagine them to be just as power hungry as wands. strength of haptics will play a strong role there.


I’m not sure of what the power drain of Vive wands detection sensors are so I could dreaming as to the practicality, but it isn’t like Touch doesn’t have haptics so I suppose we will have to see what design conclusions they have made, but it is my hope, The Vive and Rift both use infared sensors after all.


Touch is using power to light ir leds. Steam Tracking is kinda like having a bunch of cameras to read the ir lasers projected from the lighthouses.


So is this a source of excessive power drain for the hand controllers?


Steam tracking controllers like the vive wands needs to transmit tracking data. Yes this would cause more batt drain. Compared to regular wireless controllers that just transmit button presses & power leds.

Where as the cameras in oculus interpet the ir light patterns into positional info.


Well that’s unfortunate. One can hope that since Pimax is leading the charge in advancing hmds they might find a solution that improves on this as well. I certainly like Oculus’s treatment since I have no issues with roomscale tracking at the size my room affords (10x12). I guess we’ll see what solution they settle on soon enough. Sure enough there are always trade offs. Still stoked in any case.


Steam light house tracking is still at present as fat as I know best. But it’s only a matter of time for inside out solution that may replace this in time.


Inside out tracking is certainly convenient, but there’s a flaw: Your trigger finger will be hidden behind your hand (from the view of the headset), so the controllers will always need to send button info and will therefor need to have batteries (or wires).


The Lighthouse solution is certainly a superior tracking solution especially when considering the enlarged play area of 2.0 (not that many home users will use that much space, but the Oculus 3 sensor setup is quite acceptable. That point is , of course, moot as Pimax has selected Lighthouse as it’s tracking solution and that is just fine by me. It might be that more efficient internal sensors in the controllers could be developed so that less power is needed.Hheck, the v2 base stations are already a good example of how things can be made more elegant with less components while having improved efficiency. It seems reasonable to thinks the controllers internal sensors will be improved at some point as well.