Beat Saber Update 3/14/2019 Does NOT fix the graphics glitch



The odd single-eye particle graphics glitch without parallel projections enabled still exists. In fact, it’s WORSE than before! Just FYI. Def going to wait to buy that new DLC (may never buy it) if they can’t fix issues.


Have you tried @brian91292’s mod it fixed some Beatsaber issues on pimax.


The mod works, but it makes the game look like the lights were turned off. I reverted back to normal immediately.


Looks like Pimax has some work to do.

Maybe @yanfeng might know of a fix or something.


The mod currently doesn’t work, I’m looking into fixing it but as @cazman321 mentioned the issue has only gotten worse. I still don’t think it’s an issue on Pimax’s end, though.

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So the beat saber update also broke the ‘mod saber’ hack, allowing to download and play custom songs, which I loved!

Anyone know if there’s a fix for this??


Of course it did, the whole song list UI changed. Wait a few days and the mods will be updated.


By the way @TheSwanCollective, custom songs are back now. You can get the updated song loader from the modsaber installer now.

The ingame downloader has not been updated yet.


@brian91292 Awesome news! Thanks!


Current status of mods updated to run in version 0.13.0:


All of the necessary mods are updated and confirmed running in Beat Saber 0.13.0