Beat Saber Update 3/14/2019 Parallel Projections still required to be enabled



Let’s hope so. I tried to contact Beat Games about the issue long time ago, but did not even get the ack, so I called it a day.


Do you still have their contact details? I’d like to spam them with emails LOL


Actually, the only contact info I found was on their web page ( just under the “Contact” section :slight_smile:


Well, I’m heading there then. Thanks @risa2000!


Well that didn’t take long…


I’ve spammed them as well.


FWIW I have made another attempt to report the issue and got the ack from “Public Relation” that they would pass the info to the devs. For the record the major part of the report I sent:

Hi there,

I would like to report a bug (and offer a help if needed) in the “TubeBloom” bloom renderer in Beat Saber, which manifests on Pimax VR headsets (5k+, 8K).

The problem seems to be the custom renderer (shader) which uses only left eye geometry and some “magic” to render the right eye (as observed on game’s BloomPrePass.OnCamerarPrerender or BloomPrePassRenderer.Render which are called only for the left eye view matrix) and uses both projection matrices for single pass rendering for both views.

This does not work on Pimax, because Pimax uses angled displays (Some thoughts on the IPD discrepancy) and needs to treat correctly both left and right eye views.

The issue is documented on attached photos where the right eye bloom is 20° to the right (or the geometry is 20° to the left), because the renderer assumes coplanar projection planes and they are in fact angled.

This is as far as could go by debugging the release build of the game with my very limited knowledge of Unity, but I can provide additional info about the Pimax headset if you are interested.

As it seems it could not be fixed without possibly changing the game assets (custom shader and/or other assets) and it is really up to you to fix (does not make sense to try to hack/mod the game to this point).

All Pimax users will be happy if you could acknowledge the issue and give the timeline for a fix.


Thank a lot! Is there a way to highlight your comment to the beatsaber dev?


Thanks for this info. Now I understand what the issue is. The devs say they’d need a Pimax headset on twitter to fix the issue, but I’d guess that’s enough info to know the solution, or at least enough to put a fix on the next beta branch for users to test it.

I’m actually surprised there has been no communication between Pimax and the devs considering Beat Saber was shown off on a Pimax headset very early before headsets shipped…



@PimaxUSA I too would encourage Pimax to send the Beat Saber dev a unit. Ask them to post pictures with the HMD on, great way to market the brand and would ensure compatibility for future updates.


I could lend them mine for the test, as it seems their office is 20 min from my place, but I am not on twitter :slight_smile:


Really? Call them to set up an appointment will you? I’d personally rush in there and tell them to get the whole PP thing sorted LOL


What’s the issue again? We use beat saber almost every day for testing. It only manifests itself with parallel projections set to off right?


Yes. With parallel projections off the lighting effects don’t match in both eyes. (Like the light Bloom and such)


Send them a headset Pimax, it is in your interest!


Kevin, there are numerous bugs even with parallel projections enabled. A bad texture in place of glow and miss reported resolution (resulting in a blurred appearance, not present with PP off). Plus the loss of performance with it enabled. I think to fix either set of issues the devs will need a headset. Sending a dev kit to the maker of the platforms most popular game, so they can resolve, has got to make sense! And probably as good practice either way.


And I think some of the issues might have been introduced with the latest Beat Saber version.


Since Oculus Quest is stated to be released in few days, the devs may be only focusing on that version, hence why no response.


They did respond, the issue is they don’t have the HMD on hand to test out the issue.


I have just finished a short BS session and it looks like the bloom issue with PP off has been fixed (despite no record in the change log). Can someone verify, I was not dreaming? (@brian91292).

EDIT: I was apparently mislead by the PiTool and the blue chevron into believing that I was playing with PP off, while it was still on.