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Unfortunately, the calculator lacks the option of strong overclocking (cpu and ram), which is crucial for single-thread performance.

In the cpu-limiting games like dcs, il2-bos or elite hardly more than 4 cores are used, so a high single thread performance of a 4core cpu without hyperthreading is already a good indicator. And for that there are good programs like passmark. My passmark single-thread score is 2659, which is at the level of a 7700k @4.6GHZ. My CPU: 3570k @4.8GHZ and ddr3 @ 2666mhz.

Pimax 5k+ - first impressions video - Backer #17 from Germany

Check advanced as it has cpu & gpu %.

No it doesn’t take in Ram overclocking/clockspeeds or MB chipsets. But you do need the strength in cores as well to reduce bottle neck of the cpu restricting the gpu. More details require more power.

Sure it would be interesting to see if there isca more advanced in depth one. Like the 2 power supply calculators. Outervision is the better if the 2.

My buddy whon builds extreme-PCs said for 1080 ti you should have more than 4 cores to ensure unrestricted bandwidth on the gpu.

FpsVR didn’t show the i5 or the 1080 ti on the surface being restricted. Both graphs stayed in the green. Save at times with trying to push it. Tge cpu stayed green most if the time with the gpu yellow.

Switched to Ryzen with more cores cpu even lower on use & gpu stays green where it was yellow on the i5.

Tomb raider at 1080p normal settings around 584+fps dialed up ultra of around 284+.

I thought the same until I have seen otherwise how much impact the cpu can have. From going from 4 cores to a mass jump of 8. The Ryzen 5 at 6 cores would have done the trick.

@spamenigma i7 8700 i believe has 6 cores. Coffee lake bump cores from 4 to 6 base on i5 & i7. Spamenigma was getting better results due to his cpu being better matched to his gpu.


Generally age of CPU and system architecture will be an influence on modern GPU performance. So its not just about the cpu clockspeed or cores. There will still be a bottleneck in throughput if the cpu&mobo is too old for the gpu’s demand.

Yea mine is 6core+HT and I saw my gtx 1080 gain a reasonable speed increase when I upgraded from an oc@5.1ghz 2600k (best cpu ever!) last year.

Other things can influence too such as devices sharing pcie lanes. Especially additional pcie cards that may drop a GPU to x8 from x16.

Best thing is to run benchmarks and see where you compare in the GPU scores to see if close or way off.

passmark, 3dmark, cinebench are all useful for this.


3dmark experienced a 4000 point gain in Firestrike. With cpu upgrade. Both setups light on extra hardware.

Just noticed Coffee lake upped base number of cores on the i5/i7 to 6 where was mainly 4 in 6000 & 7000 series cpus. With the previous series before coffee being not much better than haswell(4000 series)?


the tab does not exceed 30%, my cpu is overclocked to 41% (from 3.4 to 4.8) and the ram is a very important factor. For all games that use more than 4 cores, 6 or 8 cores have a huge advantage, that’s for sure.
But this doesn’t apply to games like IL2 or Elite Dangerous.

It is even possible that your Ryzen is slower in elite and il2 than my system, assuming that the single core performance is crucial under 4 cores in these games. See what value passmark gives for your system. My single thread score is 2659.

It would be interesting to see how it is in gaming practice. It may be that the pure score is too far removed from practice and does not represent many things.


Passmark has a demo? If so will download & give it a run. Keep in mind extra cores also gets used bu the system to manage resources & hardware outside of games & programs.


Downloaded Demo Running now. Been a long time. It has changed drastically since early 2000s lol.

Like I said though the tool is good for baseline. Though your ram & clocks might yield higher values it doesn’t account either for architecture advances/optimizations. Ultimately side by side testing is better with real world use imho is best. This is a long test. Will post when results available.

Like outervision’s psu calculator being better than tge cooler master one. It still lacks certain details that would affect wattage needed.


Where do you find single core score? Is it shown in the demo?

Here is a pic of mine.


here it is :slight_smile:

Left corner “cpu mark”, then lower right bar “cpu single threaded”


Just downloading Unigene Superposition Benchmark.

I do know Ryzen 2Series fixed a lot of things from the 1series. I think buddy said gen 1 only Overclocked/boosted 2 cores where as 2series does them all.


maybe passmark is totally outdated…don´t know…:smiley:

Superposition isn´t cpu-heavy, my gpu is always on 100%. Unigine valley has a little bit cpu impact because my gpu never reaches 100%.


I am not getting those screens at all on the demo copy

Nevermind looking at pcmark. Lol

Downloading passmark


1080ti @2100/6237 @ 32°C :smiley:

edit: had to edit because I had renewed the heat conduction paste (liquid metal). And that again reduced the temperatures.


Keep in mind no overclock.


hey thanks. I think with older engines like elite i’ll have a small advantage. in games optimized for modern multi-core processors like pcars2, you’ll have more fps with the ryzen.


Your welcome always good to compare notes. I am the type whom often ran things ppl said I couldn’t. Lol

Crysis fir example on a p4p800-C Asus board with A p4 2.8ghz socket 478. Wasn’t overly pretty but playable. Lol


I am a bit curious about the 3D Mark score you have showing.

I just downloaded and ran the full test set on my PC and managed to score 14482 on the 3D Mark with my Vega 64 - and that is before I have gotten watercooling and serious about overclocking this beast.

Any word back about Vega results with 5k+ yet??


The i5 6500 scored around your Vega 64 result with the 1080 ti.


Your 1080 ti is oc much higher than mine. Running stock saw it was running at 1800ish


For fun dialed up the vr benchmark to future & set it to 4k/eye