Berlin backer meetup


The 1st rule of the NDA is you do not talk about the NDA.
The 2nd rule of the NDA is…AGHHH BANG SMASH CRASH… sorry, sorry I didn’t realize I was breaking…EEEK STAB SLAM SMACK


The Friday in Berlin is for testers only, so yes we will all spend the time with M2!


I won’t even have 3 hours with the m2 tonight as Ive been too busy and just collected the parcel.


So what you’re saying is you now have TWO 8K’s in your house?


Someone please let us know the @SweViver’s exact home address. We need to rob him ASAP. HE has two freaking 8k headsets in his house…

We wont steal anything else than just those two headsets XD


And I would appreciate looking at the following video in the 8K

Would be even better to look at some VR180 videos. GettyImages has some great videos on youtube





8K & 5K ? (frikkin‘ 20)


Exciting! :slight_smile: anything you can tell us ahead of the Berlin trip? You packed and ready to go?! :smile:


The things I would do to that brown box the M2 came in


Was that a euphemism


8K could be old box, new box they removed ‘8K’ ??

Speculationdrama 101


Congratulations! Cant wait for any new info from you :smiley:


@twack3r public intel:

He likes VR and BBQ (BabyBackManiac) a lot. VR: Especially Pimax, Sweviver and VoodooDE. His youtubechannel:

He is also a ‘leader’ in pimax forums badgestructure, which grants special rights in the forum.

Reading many comments on reddit, it shows he is experienced as a user. Owns many headsets. Is interested in the progress of VR as a whole. Tracking, wireless has his attention.

He likes the word ‘wicked’ a lot. On reddit and pimaxforum.
He might be telling the truth.


You do realize anything more than a team of 2; someone will not be going home with one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hmmm Not good. Does tjis mean some assembly required? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::beers::sunglasses::smoking:


Haha nice research!!!


The new box looks so much better than the old one. I see some progress there :joy:


Congrats man, you are one of the luckiest man on earth… :wink: … start testing and give feedback to all, with M2 there are no restrictions !!!


Wow…the 5K. Just sayin!!! :wink: