Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY


So I tried the 8K & 5K+ non-stop for 3 straight hours.
Overall impression: GAME CHANGER.

NO motion sickness at all thanks to the INCREDIBLY NICE FOV. I think this is a crucial factor regarding the sickness.

Edge distortion: Virtually non existent for me. Some backers claimed to see it, but once I correctly adjusted the IPD and got (really) close to the lenses, there was NO DISTORTION. No distraction when looking around as well. I was prepared for the worst, but was utterly surprised.

VISUAL FIDELITY: I think in the end it all comes down to software settings. Some experiences appeared a little dull and washed out and my first impression was kind of like ‘ah, there we go, that’s the trade-off apparently’ (even on the 5K+).
BUT other experiences managed high contrast, deep blacks, lucid colors, no godrays and looked simply beautiful.
Some games lacked anti aliasing and it looked instantly bad, but other games were rendered smooth and crisp. So no fault on Pimax’ technical side. But people who maybe only saw this one bad thing jumped too early to conclusions I guess.

SDE: This topic was the only thing that didn’t quite meet my expectations, since a lot of people said you can’t see the pixels on the 8K. You definitely can see them, always. Sure they are beautiful, tiny pixels, but pixels nonetheless. Combined with the non-native-resolution-input you can’t help but get a feeling of the huge potential in the future, if each pixel was addressed individually. So @VRGIMP27 's suggestion to drop the framerate to increase resolution would be my #1 priority atm.
Still the image is VERY nice if the experience is adjusted right. I’m only saying the display seems to be capable of an even larger WOW factor than it actually conveys due to the upscaling.
I maybe tried 12 different games and for example fruit Ninja (yeah I know) was very vivid and crisp and showed clearly a non-washed-out image.

SDE on 5K+ would be not acceptable for me personally since it’s unbelievably close to the oculus Go, no kidding. But then again, spreading the 5K’s pixel count over 200 degrees gets you closer to the current HMDs than some people like to admit.

FRAMERATE: I’m sure that what people recently perceived to be stuttering due to the 8K’s 80hz, is actually just the computer not being able to deliver 80hz and dropping sometimes to more like 40hz in demanding situations. Good graphics cards in the future will solve that issue with ease.
Some games ran PERFECTLY SMOOTH on the 8K with no lag whatsoever.

TRACKING: it was a sometimes messy setup with people walking in front of the base stations, but in a clear situation it was a non issue.

BRAINWARP: I directly asked the Pimax developer about it, and he said it’s working partially and they’re still working on it. This seems like the Chinese way of saying ‘we haven’t gotten around doing it’.

BIG FOV is so incredibly more immersive than anything I ever experienced before apart from real reality (yeah boring I know). I took my oculus Go with me for direct comparison… You can NEVER come back to this I’m afraid.

PIMAX TEAM: now I finally understand why things often got out of hand in the forum. I say this with my utmost respect for those friendly, tech savvy people, but they’re STILL a small team of nerds not really understanding the backers’ needs for information and clarity. They really should have hired just ONE non-Asian person just to bridge the language and cultural barrier, preventing escalation and confusion. Also they NEED A PR PERSON!

The meetup was devoid of any Pimax related images, banners, promo material, flyers. Nothing. Just a hijacked space of another VR company with THEIR branding. This must change immediately in order to seem professional. One of the main team members came in his sweatpants and chillout sweater. While down to earth, this is simply too much to create the proper atmosphere for this GREAT DEVICE.
Cool: the CEO Robin Weng was present the whole time and super sweet to us backers.

THE MUSKETEERS: I only met Martin (@SweViver) and Seb (@mixedrealityTV) which are the best people. Now I’M SURE that without those guys’ insane amount of work the past 3 months the headset would still suck big time, and half of the backers would’ve already jumped the ship. Be glad that most of you didn’t, it was worth the wait and fear, for it truly is the next generation of VR.

All in all I’m a HAPPY BÄCKER!

P.S.: tested some VR porn with an attending porn producer … Very promising.


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Guys finally my honest imperssions after returning to home …

First of all I was very positive suprised about how well organized was Berlin meetup which gave me plenty of time to test my favorite games and switch beetwen devices as many as I want. I was there since 5 till 8.20 PM and I would stay even longer as an meeting atmosphre was fantastic ( thanks to whole Pimax team , Marcin , Sebastian and Thomas) but unfortunatelly I have to leave becouse my kid get bored. I’m happy that they allow me enter with my wife ( not a backer) and 2.5 old doughter to the meetup which I really appreciate !

My first test was leap montion expirence on 8k and laptops powered by gtx 1070 prepered by Robin Weng. It was fantastic and IMHO the best expirence of the day
Then I meet Martin and he introduced me 5k plus with Skyrim, ED and later 8k with sims like Asseto Corsa , ED, IL2

What I like:
in both devices 8k and 5k - they already implemented IPD indicator with values shown inside HMD. Long awaited but needed feature !
SDE / PPI in both headsets great , hard to notice differences, hard to notice SDE ( 5k PPI is enough with RGB panels)
FOV ! and 3~4 profiles to set
comfort was ok , my glasses fit inside , no problems with nose gaps , YES I can see light coming thru this gap but I like it that way becouse I can glance on keyboard when playing my favoirte sims
both headset very light ( compared mostly to my preordered vive unit, and PSVR)
the lenses ( apart of distortion part) was great , super crisp, didnt notice god rays, around 120~140 degree sweetspot !
tracking , proven tech. - no issue at all
Issues to improve:
distrotions similar to vive gear vr mod but larger between 5~10 % of each side , noticable for example in skyrim vr when looking at trees or high bulding geometry, should not be a huge problems in sim games like ED , IL2 , DCS, AC , PC 1,2
I understand that both headsets are using LCD screens but please Pimax engineer provide a software calibration settings for user. I want to adjust colours temperature , brightness and saturation , I really dont like black level ( more grey than black) in ED.

I tryed lower gamma inside game but it seems that something ( software or hardware) locking it still at very exagerated level and for me was hard to be immersed that I am in space .

Asseto Corsa tryed only on 8k unit and viusal was great only at front plane , I observed lots of distance blurr It was like on my Vive without supersampling. Together with Sweviver we tryed using different supersamplings levels ( Steam VR app shown very high values like 4200x2500 pixels but that input resolutions wasnt on the screen. Game wans’t react at all for supersample changes.
The same problems was with IL2 but Marcin said he was able bump up resolution when changed monitor resolutions at home ( He have 4k monitor) but during meetup we had only 1080p monitors. In vive montior resolutions is nver related with HMD resolutions ! It’s a big issue for me.

I hope that thouse issues will be fixed by Pimax team or game developers but should be adressed before relase.

I am thinking about changing my pledge for 5k plus and dreaming about 5k plus with RGB OLED screens [/quote]

I’ve re-posted this [and updated it] as requested.

Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions

Here’s another hands-on report. Thanks @elin77!



More videos are coming in half an hour or so, in here and also in a full playlist (unlisted on my chan)!

I’m sorry I was spending the evening yesterday with my gf and after that slept for 13 hours straight (!!!). I think I needed the rest hehe…

Anyhow, the rest of the smartphone-recorded impressions are being uploaded now and I will add them to the list below:

I will also add videos from my camcorder during the day!


Skyrim VR


Arizona Sunshine


Skyrim VR + more


Another beat Saber fanatic :slight_smile: And he is Swedish!


Even more Skyrim VR from our awesome Forum member @TheSwanCollective :slight_smile:


@TheSwanCollective playing Assetto Corsa :slight_smile:


Skyrim VR from a female perspective :slight_smile:


Onward on Pimax 5k+


Interview with impressions from a lovely couple (Forum members!) :slight_smile:

Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions

Wrap-up after finished meetup +some more chat with people!


Extra #1 (from camcorder): Testing Skyrim VR for the very first time!


Extra #2 (from camcorder): Assetto Corsa short impressions (8k vs 5k+):


Extra #3 (from camcorder): Assetto Corsa again


Extra #4 (from camcorder): 5K+ Elite dangerous, short impressions:


Extra #5 (from camcorder): 8K Pavlov first timer