Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY


Extra #6 (from camcorder): Distortion and omparison 5k+ vs 8K in Skyrim VR, short impressions


Extra #7 (from camcorder): Elite Dangerous


Extra #8 (from camcorder): Best HMD for Elite Dangerous - 5k+ or 8k?


Extra #9 (from camcorder): Forum member Piotr @Yata_PL takes on hand tracking + 8K!


Extra #10 (from camcorder): Large FOV vs Normal FOV option on Pimax -. difference?


Extra #11 (from camcorder): Elite Dangerous first impression 5K+ (second take with previous user, a shorter version):


Extra #12 (from camcorder): Assetto Corsa on Pimax 8K (very interesting video)


Extra #13 (from camcorder): Assetto Corsa again on Pimax 8K (very interesting video with details about seeing all mirrors with large FOV):


Extra #14 (from camcorder): Hand tracking with 8K and Leap Motion:


Extra #15 (from camcorder): Short impression with 8K + ADRIFT


Extra #16 (from camcorder): 8K and Skyrim VR (small + large FOV) + more impressions:


So guys, I think that covers it all. I had a few other impression videos recorded on the camcorder that unfortunately didnt record the sound correctly (the wireless RodeLink mic turned off so videos were completely silent unfortunately). I think I need to get more familiar with the audio devices as I hardly used them until now.

But hey, totally 45 clips from the event should be enough for you to get the full picture :slight_smile:

You can find all 45 clips in this (unlisted) video playlist: