Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions


This is the “official” discussion thread for the Berlin meetup backers’ impressions.

If you were a meetup participant and would like to share your impressions and feedback in the “official” Berlin meetup “Hands On” Impressions thread, please post in this thread and include the following info in the first line of your post, like this…

Backer number: 0000 - My demo was on Aug-00 at 00:00 pm

…and a moderator will COPY your post to the “Hands On” thread. That way we can ensure that the impressions represent people who were actually at the meetup. I will depend on @xunshu to verify that someone was there.

Thank you.

Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY
Berlin backer meetup
Pimax4k HDMI hack, mod?

I have now unlocked this thread, so that the M1/M2 beta testers can post whatever impressions they have on the M2 headset (and which is allowed by the NDA). They will have all of Friday to interact with Pimax and the M2 5K & 8K headsets. The other meet-up participants are invited to share their experiences and impressions from Saturday and Sunday’s meetings.

All forum members are encouraged to join in the discussion, but please, let’s try to remain on-topic. Thank you.



Impressions on m2 yet?


It’s going to take him 360 hours to write a review. Stay tune!!


21599 minutes and counting! :laughing:


A first little video :slight_smile:

Berlin backer meetup

Thanks for posting that @SweViver

So first impressions are “good”, hand tracking is “great”.

Did I miss something with the 5K now being called the “5K Plus” Does that mean there are two 5K models?

Must admit the backers you spoke too seemed a little bit erm, reserved though.


acceptable black levels is a relief, espeically in case of ED.


Germans are the least passionate and most hard to impress people in the world. Awful, but yet promising!
Sorry for my bad German, I’m German.


Oh man i think i have some tears in my eyes @SweViver …this seem so fucking cool, really pumps me up that m2 might really be the final version and they will start shipping them after the meetings.

When i saw Skyrim…insta crying of happiness…


2 basestations!!

So excited guys, looking good so far and thanks @SweViver for our first taste!


Sounds good so far, waiting for comments about distortion.


Maybe that explains the dead-pan looks around the room. The testers were all happy though… Nice to hear a couple of backers say it was good though. Very encouraging and eager for more comments.


Berlin backer meetup

I see Sebastian is talking with Nicolas cage, just kidding.


yes exactly, deadpan looks and like using a crow bar to try to pry a few basic words out of their mouths in that first vid by SweViver…all of us are salivating for details and it’s like they’re having a social tea party with the Pimax products as background entertainment…quite the odd subdued reactions from those seen trying the 5K, 8K etc.


really great, very minor distortion on the edges, very good news.


OMG ask about the text legibility in ED !!!


Most won’t be used to chitchat in English on a daily basis, n that in front of a camera is quite challenging even when ur used to read n write a lot in the foreign language… so… to be somewhat expected…


Why can’t we get better panels for the 8K was well?