Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions


Thanks so much for all your hard work Sweviver , it all sounds very positive which is a huge relief :grinning:

Looking forward to some in-depth comparisons between the 8K and 5Kplus , choices choices !!!


Piotr said the 5k+ had bad black levels (tested with “Elite: Dangerous” and “Skyrim VR”), worse than the 8k with motion sensor.

He said:

It’s really hard to choose between this [5k+] headset and others with perfect colours and black.

That’s not a minor issue…


And do not forget onward… lol


@Davobkk you have gone a bit quiet!.. Bet your gutted :slight_smile:


Its not a day vs night issue either because it is “hard” to choose between them.

Lots of things make up a picture and contrast is one of the most important. Specifically shadow detail. But colour vibrancy is also an important factor.

If it is a hard choice between them then maybe Pimax just need to include colour calibration in the software. A proper colour calibration where RGB gains can be tweaked, brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness that end-users can tailor it to their preference be that Desktop / Film / Sports / FPS as they all benefit from different profiles.


Here is my translation of voodoos video, I am not a native english speaker, so be nice, and excuse my typos. :smiley:

Hi, welcome to the pimax backer meetup. I am right now in the kitchen because I just needed some silence. Because now I have some breaking news for you. Of course, Martin, Sebastian and me sat together, yesterday. We tried to convince Robin and we succeded: We get the permission to write a complete and detailed review about the pimax m2 on september 16, and also about the 5k.

I will… It’s awesome. The others can confirm that it was quite difficult to convince him and tell him “this is really good, you have to be truthful and all” And yes. It worked…

And sorry, I don’t have right equipment here, I have to hold my smartphone like that…

And, it meand you will get all information about the pimax. I will travel back tomorrow, on sunday 15:00, i think, and I will take the 8k m2 with me. And will take the 5k with me.

Then I have 2 weeks time, the others also have 2 weeks time to make a nice review. Then, of course, you can watch all 3 reviews. Because the one and the other has always a different point of view on different subjects. But I promise you, I will make it detailed and you know my reviews are always very long, you can already prepare for minimum one or even two hours. And then, I think, it will be a cool thing.

All in all. I am very happy that I can tell you this. And of course I am looking forward for all the people coming soon. It will start at 16:00, and I am very excited, I am also excited to hear what you think. And how you perceive all this.

Yes I wanted to tell you this. This is awesome shit.

Remember the 16th september 2018. We will receive a mail in advance. Perhaps we get a specific time, perhaps it’s 00:00, perhaps it’s 16:00, i don’t know. In any case you will get these information as soon as possible from me.

Now I can ask… No. Robin just left, I could have asked him…

Is that awesome, or is that awesome?

Now we have, of course, the task to choose games which are shown. We roughly already know which ones.

Okay, I say it like this: They are always a litte bit careful what they show. We then tell them, of course: “Show them something bigger.” And I think we succeeded. We have now the decission what is shown and there are some cool games among them.

I think: Onward, Skyrim, Asseto Corsa for the car fans, you have to think about them, too.
Elite Dangerous is also there, I think. Then you can see how that looks like in the dark. You know, LCD and all that.

And then we will take a look at that.

I hope this video made you happy. And I hope that is good news for you. Some of you I will see later. Until then…

And who didn’t subscribe my channel until now, now it’s time. Because perhaps you will miss my review. It would make me happy. Until next time in VR.

EDIT: @VoodooDE please correct me if I translated something wrong.


From clip 3, I’m still worried that the distortion will happen to the individual.

Wait for more feedback. But when pimax decide to ship on the end of this month, so we will wait the complete software or eye tracking to solve this perfectly later.

I think pimax still need to collect the IPD of each tester and may we can scope some issue.

edit : just watch the interview of Sebastian, pimax is working on it and this is okay.


What I forgot to say:

@SweViver @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV

THANK YOU for convicing pimax to be more open, show more games and everything. This community really benefits from you guys…


Don’t kill the messenger.
I just pointed out that Pjotr didn’t describe it as a minor issue, he literally said:

They have to do something with the black level.

That’s not a minor issue. I interpretate what he said, that he is unsure, if he would trade an ordinary Vive (perfect colour and black) with the 5k+.

Different colour profiles won’t solve the issue. You just trade blacks for bright colours or viceversa.


This shows you how subjective the differences can be, Some are surprised and like the 5K+ color. here he seems to prefer the blacks of the 8K. I suspect it will take quite a few different responses from those who try both to get a bead on which one will look best for any given person and will surely depend on what they play or use it for.
As for the German translation (VooDoo’s vid) “horny” might be right as I am feeling all excited down there. I know TMI


To be fair the tracking worked perfectly and he described it as OK. XD so he may be a glass half full guy.


Elite Dangerous


Is there any chance we can get some updates on the base stations? What iteration are they using at the meetup?

I have seen some 1.0 base stations running around $50-60 USD and am trying to get a sense of what and when I should be buying.

This has been a great bump to my day so far :slight_smile:


Ok fair points but you are very wrong here. An uncalibrated display vs a calibrated one can have a HUGE difference. Lets assume the Vive OLED’s are calibrated and the Pimax LCD are uncalibrated at this point. You can close the gap significantly but yeah, not OLED black due to the tech.


The HMD looks like fitting snugly!


the latest vdeo there he said black levels were good, and was sharper than vive pro, and only notice distortion when moving head.

he didn’t try 8K, apparently the colours are worse but SDE is maent to be better than 5K+.


WOW, that’s a very good review. PROMISING STUFF! Can you ask about comfort too? hope they’ll add the strap with audio when shipping


He did not say PRO. :frowning:


Comfort atm is not a thing to ask for since they are using just the old vive strap thing instead of their planned vive deluxe like strap.


did he not?, sorry then.