Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions


I know we talked about it on another threat yesterday. I don’t even remember which thread :stuck_out_tongue:
But even tho I would be fine without it, that news in @SweViver video with the CEO about the 60HZ mode will be possible is great news to me. Very tempted toward the 8k just for this.


Ah ok so there were 2 5k+ booths and no 5k booth


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no they have two 5K+ areas and two 8K areas, but can switch another hmd on, if you want to try sth.


Another great review XD

Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY

Could some of the guys yesterday who couldn’t see the difference between 8k and 5k+ have been looking at two 8k’s ??

Why not put a sticker onto the headsets


From what I understand I think we should ignore (sorry SweViver) SweVivers comment about the 5K+ /8K confusion as I suggested above and as has been confirmed. People who go all the way there to test arents stupid and will have known exactly what they were testing. Basically it seems one of the 8Ks probably had/has rubbish computer settings.


yes. we were discussing the probable differences between the two hmds present and our experiences with those on different apps, shortly before they were closing shop in Berlin yesterday. but the opinions were mixed, and i get the feeling from the reviews that are coming in today, that they are way better in regard to differentiate the two experiences. maybe thats because of more consistent software across the machines. i’d love to go there again today and compare, but the review above kinda sums it up i think. 8k is supreme but upscaled (whatever that may mean for each and everyone subjectively) and 5k+ is really really good, surprisingly. both hmds are already impressive as they are and thats the best news we all could’ve hoped for.



He said London. There are no English folk there… :wink:


Have the scottish or Welsh overtaken the capital? :astonished: :laughing: Does the :crown: know?


Actually i have a question regarding the 8k upscale capacity. Can it upscale different resolution or can it upscale only a specific one?
Since my point for lower 60HZ mode is to be able to get better resolution fed to the 8k.


The more videos from @SweViver i see, the more pumped up i get. This shit is amazing man. Can’t wait to receive my 8k, gonna scream of joy!

Anyone knows how can we teleport directly to october/november? :frowning:


Medically induce coma?


I’d prefer something less dangerous…


wakes up… “can I have my pimax now?” “sorry that was 20 years ago…”


Look hard & you might see one of these hiding in your neighborhood in plain sight.


TO QUOTE MCDONALDS HERE IM LOVIN IT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even more ED :wink: (5k+)


No Pavlov or other fps? Would be greatly appreciated… This ED sitting in a cockpit-thingy is probably great for a lot of us, but i would like to know about other games :slight_smile:

A dark cockpit is so little to judge about, apart from the black levels, imho. Could be ED is a great game and i don’t know about that, so no hard feelings. And still any vid is one i will watch. :slight_smile: