Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions


Yes :slight_smile: SweViver for PResident. :grin:


Yep and he looks great in a dress.


Ok man, i did not know that? Sorry to hear that. I don’t read news anymore for it being always on negative issues, so i am not aware. I thought economics and so were good in Germany? Sorry for being off topic, by the way.


LOL 20 damn characters :laughing:


It’s interesting now seeing more people side with the 8K over the 5K+. Making my decision a little easier to stay with the 8K then as a 2080Ti user.


I may have missed It but i haven’t seen this posted here yet:

Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY

its probably the only card that will let the 8k hit 90fps


Still i am afraid of more latency and errors because of the scaler chip in the 8k.

Aaahrgh descisions, descisions…


I will buy a 2 Euro cardboard


It look no people said too much about 8k sharpness today.


xenophobia is rising … we are lucky not to live close to the main areas were this demonstrations and vilolence happens… but you can feel it everywhere. Last year my wife and I were searching for a flat, I really had the feeling some didnt want to five us the flat after they saw that my wife is Iranian.
I think it will get worse in the future…we will see.
But enough offtopic^^

I would really like to get official information about the 8kX … I wanted to choose the x version on KS…but because I didn’t want to wait till Mai ^^ (lol)…I choose the 8k complete package. Since it sounds like there is no big difference between 8k and 5k+ I hope to get the option to upgrade to 8k x :confused: but I dont think this will happen.


They should have made a 8K+ with oled panels.


Ah, i did not know that…It’s a shame there is even a word for it… My wife is from Marocco. She’s more lovely and dignit than one could imagine. Cheers, mate wish you all best! People from different countries will never always match, because of culture, but then again people from the same race also fight each other. Well let’s hope Pimax will unify us as backers :slight_smile: And a littlebit more of the world is at peace because of that…

Ok, very off topic, but i wanted to let know we are not all xenophobic.


Here one other:

Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY

you obviously do not frequent this forum, this is probably the most divisive community i have ever experienced.


You obviously do not frequent r/vive and r/oculus then…lol


in fact, i do frequent /r/vive very often. and i agree it grieves me to see that discontent as well.


I wanted to send him a warm word in the best English i could come up with, at the moment.
And maybe some wishful thinking.

We can always try :slight_smile:

Besides, all things internet are divisive.


if anyone dare mention pimax in r/vive its almost as bad as someone mentioning the vive in r/oculus :slight_smile:


People and their camps… Yeah, it’s the same with xbox vs playstation, apple vs android and so on.
People think they need to identify themselves via owning stuff. Same sh*t going on in Holland here, about soccer… Glad to not have to participate in debates about what a player needed to do in a match, or the discisions a trainer makes or wich club is the best etc. LOL