Berlin meetup - DISCUSSION of impressions


People and their camps… Yeah, it’s the same with xbox vs playstation, apple vs android and so on.
People think they need to identify themselves via owning stuff. Same sh*t going on in Holland here, about soccer… Glad to not have to participate in debates about what a player needed to do in a match, or the discisions a trainer makes or wich club is the best etc. LOL


spectrum was still better than c64 though!


ROFL twenty characters.


Anyway, in full doubt about 5 or 8k. As i understood the blacks were better on the 8k.
Recently bought the Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce Xtreme Edition.
Not planning to update anytime soon! So than the 5k… Dunno.


I’m swaying all over the place on 5k+ vs 8k here. obviously I’ll wait for NDA lift and in-depth comparisons and options… but for a quick judgement on what we’ve see its really a close call.


MRTV - MIXED REALITY TV - Pimax Backer Meetup - First Impression Interviews: Pimax 8k or Pimax 5k Plus? What is better?

Berlin meetup - Backers' "Hands On" Impressions ONLY

Yep, just edited it on site for you guys! Enjoy!


So many ED players ! We have to make a CMDR list !

Can i start it ?

CMDR | Have HMD | Used 8K ? 5K ? | Impressions ?

DouglasteR | Odyssey | No | No | Still waiting mine.


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Hahaha that’s a great picture :stuck_out_tongue:


I lost the thread Sebastian, what does not work?


Yeah awesome translation


this actually has some really fantastic practical observations.

‘Similar with searching for items on my chest in Onward: with just a slight tilt of my head, I could see all the way around my belt area:’


Thank you so much man!


Hahah Wtf is cool and horny, I don’t you what you mean.


I’m just so happy guys !
It’s awesome that we will get such a good headset …
I remember the start of the kickstarter and how I told all my friends to quickly snatch one …
They will be so pissed that they missed this awesome deal …
Im Really wondering how much they gona charge in normal retail ! :smile:


So many nice reviews. I can say im happy.


Because these are designed to use off the peg panels it would probably be quite easy for them to swap to oled as the screens get cheaper


it’s great to see. i’m deeply torn about whether to crossgrade to 5kplus.


Oh this isnt good 5k + with 90hzt slightly more sde and less demanding for gpu? or keep 8k 80hz no sde some games may struggle ? sound negative but hay i think the weekend has shoot any negativity way of the fence