Best bluetooth controllers for leap + driver4vr


Ive been doing some testing of different controllers to use with leap, and will share my thoughts here. Basically to save anyone else who wants to use leap the time and money.

First, I went super cheap, and bought two of these cheap things.

Surprisingly, they work ok but lack a touchpad and trigger button, so not practical. I stuck two together like this, to get the extra buttons and the result was a surprisingly good vr controller. The joystick axes are good.

Next I tried the vrcase, which is a good shape but the joystick is awful, buttons are squishy and hard to reach. It disconnects if left alone and steamvr needs restarting to get it back.

Finally, the magicsee r1, which is far superior in almost every respect, comfortable, good buttons, has the best leap tracking because of its size, connects instantly and stays connected…

So yeah R1 by a landslide. Even feels like you are holding touch controllers. I will get a 2nd one and ditch the vrcase, and advise anyone to do the same. I am not working for magicsee but if they want to give me money for this please do.

If anyone has tried other controllers please share your thoughts.

Edit: got a second one and this controller is definitely the best for Leap as far as I can tell.

Controller alternatives while we wait

So leap-motion gives you positional tracking via driver4vr including hand-tracking?


No, for positional you need something else, like a Kinect 360, but the leap gives you 360 tracking. I have set up a crouch button using advanced settings, and can play many games that way without positional, and sometimes using the Driver4VR move feature. I have a Kinect but at the moment I honestly prefer the simplicity of not using it.


Thank you so much for this tip. I also bought two bluetooth joysticks and they disconnect but also very often don’t register clicks. I was reluctant to keep ordering and trying other models but now I will get me two of these and hopefully have some more fun again!

Thanks for the post man!



You haven’t yet, right? I ordered the second one, and it gave me all sorts of problems. Cant recommend the Magicsee now. First one was great but I dropped it and it broke. Second one won’t connect. I will be sending them back.

Now I am using the homemade monster, plus a navi. Driver4vr now supports navis. I would still be careful buying bluetooth controllers. Actually right now I recommend getting the super cheap ones and making your own handle, but it is possible I was lucky with those.

If you have bought the r1s, and they work well, then great.

And with the navi, the tracking isnt as good because it is quite big, but the build quality is obviously on another level. Good for left hand, for navigation in games like doom 3 bfg


Damnit. Well that’s what you get when ordering Chinese cheap tech. Ah well, I already ordered two for $10 total so we’ll see


Hope you get lucky. I paid way more so at least it was cheap.

Ps move also works by the way, but without a touchpad. Tracking isn’t amazing. Still the best is a small bluetooth controller (or two) or ps navi.


It’s supposed to be cheap, so buying device after device defeats the purpose


How did you get on with these would love to try this with my present Leap,could even be a stop gap for my future 8K with the Leap module until I can afford some proper controllers that is.


Right now I am using a navi and psmove with bluetooth joystick attached. Tracking isnt perfect but good for most games, especially games like doom bfg and penumbra vr, where you dont have to be super accurate. And the build quality means it wont just fail on me like some of the bluetooth controllers have done. I recommend trying it out with a move or cheap controller especially if you have a leap already.

This is what I am using now. Used scotch tape to attach the bluetooth controller, and lots of velcro for the fingers. When you use driver4vr you have to hold the controller at a weird angle, so the velcro helps spread the weight. In game it is pretty good.


Driver4VR lets you adjust the angle in settings I believe.

My joysticks still haven’t arrived and when I checked the sending information I saw they messed up my address. I hope they can get it to me by just my name, city and street name.


Blimey that is some fine jerry rigging there. :wink:

So as I understand it,bare with me I’m not a PS4/3 owner,I could get a cheap navi,/move and if I am ingenious like yourself tack on another bluetooth joystick for good measure.

For basic pointing in Steam VR/some games could I use a navi/leap combo,as I can get a navi dirt cheap for experimenting with or do I need the move/navi in conjunction with the Leap

Or could I get a move after I hopefully had some success with say the cheaper navi. ?? As in your post you don’t think much of the R1,so is my best option to try this out with a navi as I’m a motion controller jerry rigging virgin,apart from using the software based Cbuchner steam drivers that is.


I used Gearbest never really had to many problems,I Can’t really blame them for the BE mix up after I sent my original 4K back as it was faulty,took an age to get it sorted and back to the UK though,still I did get 100 dollars off the 8K which I used for the newer 8K Leap Motion module it made all the bother worth while :wink:


Yea this was through Ali Express, Gear Best always worked fine for me too. And Pimax is just a great company, their service level is almost as if you personally know them


I actually really liked the R1, it was great. Then I broke it, and the other one stopped working. Other people might have better luck.

But yeah basically you can use whatever combo you want. The navi is probably the best controller for this because the sticks are sensitive and the controller isn’t too big. Two navis would probably be amazing, but unfortunately where I am they aren’t that cheap. So no, you don’t need a psmove if you don’t want one.

There is one problem with the navi though, it also registers as a 360 controller and it messes with the SteamVR menu. But once in game, it is fine. So just use your desktop to launch games/programs.

One thing I should mention though is for the navi you need to dedicate a bluetooth adapter to it, so may need to buy an extra one, as I did. You need to use scptool, and only version 1.6. It isn’t as easy to set up as a normal bluetooth controller, but once done it works well. If you go down that route, watch DaleyTech’s navi setup tutorial (ignoring the need for psmove service).


You can adjust the angles, yeah but the tracking is best the way it is. I tried different settings and ended up going with default.


I’m waiting for my Amazon prime delivery for a R1,just my luck it is coming from the depot from 5 miles down the road,next to my place of work and according to Amazon I have received it but I ain’t it may have got lost !!

Also noticed you maybe the same guy who is very active on the Driver4 VR forums nice to know I can ask an expert if I get stuck :wink:


@ jonnypanic

HI Jonnypanic, as i bought two magicsee R1 controler, could you explain me (and us) how do you succeed to connect htis items with your computer on windows. Have you succeed to connect two controllers with windows ( only one seems to be efficient anyway the second one appears connected in blutooh peripheral manager).

Best regards


I had the same problem. I think it might be a driver issue. I had both connected but one would lag. With one connected it was fine. I sent one back. Don’t think there is a fix for that.

If you use two different controllers with a different driver (some cheap controllers use the same driver as the R1 so can’t be used together), it should work. I use an R1 and ps navi.


Ok thanks you.
Have already try 2 navi ?