Best Free Games


I thought we could make a list of the best free games and where to find them. Poverty has inspired me.

I mean official games rather than pirate copies.

The best I have found are:
Lucky’s Tale
Herobound 2
Room 202
Defense Grid 2 (first chapter)

The Price of Freedom
Belko VR
War Robots VR (demo but a good one)


Race Room Experience, its not completely free, but you can try it out and see what sim. racing looks like in VR (so you could decide if you want to buy project cars 2 later :D)


which ones can be played with kbd and mouse?


I suspect the Oculus ones above may be playable with kb and mouse. I use an xbox controller.


If folks like angry birds there is a vr clone in piplay called something like chibi?


NO WAY!! are you the bird flying through the sky hitting buildings with your head!! cause that would be cool…


You got it but don’t look like a bird lol


Hi @industria

I thought i would download and try Race room experience, but i cant get it to work in HMD? only on my 3 screens… did you revive it? i tried running it through Steamvr but steam is not recognizing it as a vr game? any directions for this one please?


If mem serves i think its in either raceroom settings or rquires commandline to activate vr.


i did check the settings and cant see it in there, so if there is a command line, just need to know what it is :slight_smile: maybe Mr Google will tell me

Update… Found It :slight_smile:

  • In your Steam client library, right click RaceRoom and select “Properties”.
  • In the Properties pop-up window, under the “General” section, click the “Set Launch Options…” button.
  • In the dialog box that opened, just type in “-vr” (without the quotation marks) and it will use the default value for render target multiplier, which we currently have set to 1.5.
  • To experiment with different render target multipliers, you can simply add the desired value after the argument, for example: “-vr 2.0” will start the game with the multiplier at 2.0. This multiplier can go as low as 0.5 and as high as 4.0 which is very high, so we recommend small steps here.


can confirm that RaceRoom is good in VR. options in my post above make it work in Pimax. nothing is displayed on the monitor tho… same thing happens with alien isolation, but the hmd makes it work well… note you do need to set the screen front facing using steamvr display mirror Z option so you are not off center.



Weird i had it working with the cmdline switch. Prob won’t get around to look into it til the weekend (work sucks)


never tried the cmdline switch. just tried the -vr option through steam.


Thats what i meant by cmdline switch. Sorry.

@lukeb i know tried it out. Controls are sensitivr tho a wheel probably best.


What games are you hiding from us, tell us!:smiley:


lol… maybe its pong in VR!


It was spam. A link to some unrelated cdkeys website.


The New Retro Arcade Neon Demo is a fully featured Emulator frontend. Its amazing. Takes a little elbow grease to set up, but its so awesome.


Downloading now. How limited is the demo?


Its not really limited. Its basically the original DK2 App offered as a free demo. :smile: