Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?



Interestingly, if NVidia do an RTX card with VR in mind then GameWorks / VRWorks will be used. One good thing about that is VRWorks has VR-SLI support built in, that and the new “VR Port” could all be tied together.

This reminds me of the 3DFX evolution. Maybe this is the next turning point as we teeter on requiring huge change in the way we generate graphics as the technology/future is once again taking a new shape.

I do wonder how AMD will cope though. Their Vega cards are actually very good at real-time ray-tracing but if they can not access VRWorks / Gameworks like they can with DirectX then what? Huge license fees demanded by NVidia so AMD card cost will go up? AMD writing their own ray-trace SDK?


Amd has their Liquidvr which has vr-cf baked in. The vr (usb-c) is being built with a bunch including Amd & nvidia


I will change from my old R290 to a 1080ti as soon as it has dropped to 400 Euro.


By that time you may want a better one for your Rift 2 or Pimax 16K…


No one knows. No info has leaked. All I know is that it will be better than a 2080, probably at least 30%.

In the meantime, I plan to use my 980Ti, even if I have to use low quality settings and 170° FOV. I just can’t stand buying a card that won’t be able to drive the 8K to its fullest. I usually wait 3 years between video cards.


Yes crazy times in which prices rise or stagnate for 1-2 years after release and new product generations simply rise more and more in price to keep the difference to the old one.


2080 is only 8% faster than 1080ti lol…why the hell they even want to release that? Might as well get the cheaper 1080ti. If you want it to be 50% faster than 1080ti, then you got to get Titan RTX but it’s $3,000…insane. Meanwhile you can get 2080 for around $700?


Yeah, that was my first thought when I read the news. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially given the price of used 1080 and 1080Ti boards.


Actually I think it makes a lot of sense. With the massive overstock of 1080/1080TIs now due to overproduction for the cryptominers, this can be a win/win for them. They can charge a premium, like always, for the newest card, while due to the low bump in speed, increase demand for the 1080 series. That will keep prices back up.


Here is something to consider if the new Nvidia cards have that special vr connector (special usb-c?).

Then a mild jump is all they need as the special high bandwidth all in connector will sell the cards anyways.


With respect, 2080 is replacing 1080 though not 1080Ti and it’s probably around 25% faster than a 1080, maybe a little more, we don’t know yet.

Maybe one compromise for 8K owners would be to get a used water cooled AIO 1080Ti and skip this next gen 2080 card entirely and wait for 7nm GPU’s in 2020.


Has anyone got a big enough wallet to own a titan v , second hand they are going for around 2K but the bench marks for this are crazy upto 50% on the 1080 ,two of these and an 8kx :wink:


No, I will rather take the uplift from a 2080 to the Titan RTX and invest the amount in a small gadget like the FeelThree rig… (Early Bird price will be around 2,700€). That added value seems a bit higher than 10 months earlier peak performance on my 8K… :grin:


just entered the raffle fingers crossed


Linus 10k video here has the Nvidia vid card we need.


Is it me or is it taking a long time to get to the 20th this month,i hope they give a release day also


Indeed you are right, there seems to be something wrong with the flow of time :stuck_out_tongue:


Any minute now marti mcfly is going to pop up somwere and say “i have some very important news from the far future” O balls


Need a Dr & Tardis. Lol


Fu*k - I remember the Days when you got to sweat when taking a single 1MB RAM Module in your hand. The guys were wired and wore protected gloves and everybody was breathing hard as if it would have been a surgical intervention of live and death - - - and then I watch those two handling hardware in that video in that price range like it was duplo int the hands of a 1 year old…