Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


The RTX Quatro 8000 is the best GPU for pimax


True, but that’s well outside my price range.


I have a titan xp.

Would you consider the above comparison accurate?


I would say atm too early to tell. I find it hard to believe the rtx 2080 would have poor memory performance.

Game Debate’s comparison i believe is more theorectical compared to places like Gpuboss. But didn’t notice any gpu boss compares.


There is most likely a wrong number in memory throughput of RTX 2080. According to this rumour it is supposed to be 448 GB/s

From the same page, RTX 2080 Ti should have higher mem performance than Titan XP.


Looks like i need to upgrade to 2080Ti to enjoy Pimax 8K at the max. I currently have 980ti. Glad they released it early. Time to save up!


I don’t know if its valid still or not. But I read Evga has or had a program. You could in theory buy the 2080 & pay the difference later when the ti releases.


Too much hassle. I’m going to buy the Ti, even if I have to wait. I’m planning on ordering one on Monday, if I can. But first, I need to remind my wife that she agreed to this purchase, months ago, when I got a bonus from work. :slight_smile:


Wouldn‘t you want to wait for the delivery announcement of the, no of YOUR 8K ? Till then either custom 3rd party OC versions are available or the price has possibly dropped a bit.
Just remember that some of us thought about preparing their PC for the imminent Jan/Feb shipment of the 8K…


Good advice, but I’m currently using a 980Ti, which really isn’t able to drive my 4K monitor with high quality settings.

I won’t buy a 2080Ti until the third party overclocked boards come out (which “may” be available for preorder on Monday). I don’t expect any significantly better GPU to be available for at least a year or two. Price doesn’t matter that much; I’ve been saving for this purchase (and I’m really glad I waited and didn’t buy a 1080Ti back when the miners caused them to be seriously overpriced).

Truly, I’ve been waiting to buy this video card since March, which is when NVidia would normally announce a new card. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with a 1080Ti for my 8K, since I want the highest possible quality settings.


How much in % you would guess that a 2080ti would perform better than a titan xp?

Would you upgrade from a titan xp to a 2080ti or would you wait for something after a 2080ti?

Also I always wondered what you all guys do with your previous video cards when upgrading so early ?



Well if you have the parts… Good upgrade for 2nd, 3rd pc etc. Or see what you can get for selling it.


Since RTX 2080 (Ti) seems to be a slightly different deal than previous GTX(s) I would rather try not to guess anything and wait for the benchmarks. So far we have only rumors and speculations. This could as well be just a “scramble” release from Nvidia trying pre-empting AMD vega on 7nm.


I’m doing exactly this. I bought my 1080ti 2 - 3 weeks ago and will just use their step up program to get the 2080ti.


How does the step up program works?


Ouch, I saw a leaked price on a third party (PNY) overclocked RTX 2080Ti. It’s $1000 US.

I may wait a while after all, until the price gouging stops.


That‘s why I said what I said. I understand that your 4K monitor would provide you with instant reward if you upgraded now, but if you manage to be patient you may at least save a bit of money when the 8K truly is delivered to you - whenever that may happen.


Marco, for you only the best graphic board:
Nothing less a New gaming Titan at 1499$ :wink:


The thing is, I don’t think the price will drop much, before I get my 8K, so I might as well enjoy it now. 1080 prices stayed high for a long time. I think that’s because there’s not much competition in the market. Of course, some of that was from mining demand.

I’d like to upgrade and enjoy the improved performance and I’m not that prices sensitive, but I was expecting something in the $800-900 range. Granted, another $100 or 200 isn’t that much more, but the extra 0 really adds to the sticker shock.


So any card withing 90 days qualifies. You send in the card, pay the difference in price + shipping and duties and they ship you the new card.