Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


But how do you know if in 90 days from the day of your purchase there will be a new version of the card?

What they ship you?


The titan xp was a waste of money.

I paid so much money for a card that is now not as good as a $500 dollars cheaper new generation card. :frowning:


So do you think having 2 cards in the same pc would not be required to use a pimax 8k x ?

I am not sure I understand if the 8k x would have 2 card input and the 2 card input would need to come from 1 video card or from 2 video cards and also what type of input/connection would it be?


Too early to tell. But I would suspect any current cards b4 the 2080 release. 2 is likely needed.

2080 series is hard to say atm no real benchmarks yet.


I bought the titan x pascal (first one) when it came out and put a watercooler on it. Its a good overclocker and faster than a 1080Ti. That was in 2016. Three years later the RTX 2080Ti appears to be only slightly faster if rumors are true (forget the raytracing -we wont see games for years). To me the titan is the best card I ever bought. When the 1080ti was released I played in VR with it for a year allready.


Pimax stated a 1070 will not be powerful enough to drive the 8K. They did not however address whether a 2 x 1070 SLI setup would be sufficient.



I don’t believe the rumors about the performance since there is no reliability in any of it. Nothing about the resolution or what so ever given. And even if it was in the hands of some one - we have no clue how bad the drivers where…
Even if they went for efficiency and if the MHz, GHz and have truly not even increased much it could still outperform for many other reasons - we just need to wait for real world appearances and benchmarks- and sine there is an FPS tool for vr coming we might even see some numbers on that appear (@VoodooDE mentioned it is upcoming, I believe in September).

And there are Titels on RTX like Metro exodus coming eta Februar 2019


Ok not an VR title sorry forgot that…


That is the issue. VR is no mass product. We don’t even have SLI or VRworks support in most titles so far. Raytracing means a lot more work for the devs. The 2080 needs to deliver raw rasterized power. I am sure it will but if it wont be faster than a Titan V I will skip it.


Theoretically, a single card with 2 DisplayPort output connectors could drive an 8KX. However, it would need to be a very capable GPU (like a hypothetical 2280). For the upcoming GPUs, a 2080Ti might be able to do it. I suspect that for now, you’d need 2 2080 GPUS at the minimum, although 2 1080Ti GPUs might be enough. It will depend on the game and the quality settings, as well as your tolerance for lower quality settings.


I didn’t know. Took somewhat of a gamble. I only had a 1070 and knew I had to upgrade for the 8k. I knew Nvidia was going to announce new cards but I wasn’t sure what. So I grabbed the 1080ti, knowing if the didn’t announce anything worth upgrading to it wouldn’t be a problem, as the 1080ti will likely be good enough until next generation.

They haven’t shipped anything yet as I am waiting for the announcement tomorrow.


In theory though if 1 1080 can run the 5k/8k then theorectically 2 might be sble to run the X as VR mgpu is not the same as standard sli.


I’m not sure if this will appeal to anyone on this forum, but the 2070s are rumored to be available in September for ~$400.

There’s a useful chart at the end of the article, listing all the 20xx GPUs with pricing, specs, and availability dates.


Trustworthy site?

When’s the official Nvidia unveiling?


Tomorrow (Monday 20th 18:00 CEST / 12:00 pm EDT / 9:00 am PST / 5:00 pm BST)


Hard to say. The info does align with other rumors I’ve seen, but this is the first news on the 2070 and other 20xx variants that I’ve seen.


Could you please direct me to what I need to buy for the overclocking and how to do it ?


Neal_white_iii already posted it. Deleted my post.


For overclocking all you need is the tool MSI Afterburner. The Card does not have to be a MSI.
You need decent cooling for the GPU though. If you cannot get the heat away from it it will clock up, overheat and clock itself down again. Turning the fan up works but it gets loud wich is why I have a watercooler on mine.
My everyday GPU clock is 2100mhz. I hope this is good enough to power the 8k considering it is quite a bit faster than a regular or factory overclocked 1080TI combined with more memory bandwith.


Also, ensure that your computer case has adequate ventilation, otherwise the heat can also interfere with your GPU and CPU to trigger throttling. I currently have an o/c’ed MSI 980Ti card and it creates a lot of heat during a multi-hour gaming session.