Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


How do you install water cooling on the titan x pascal?

Do you have a link of a tutorial for it?

Do I need to unscrew anything on the card risking to break it?

My card becomes incredibly hot when I play vr games . The card connectors that connect the back of the card to the pc, becomes boiling hot. I have been always afraid that the card would fry


You will need to remove the existing heat sink and fans. It’s probably much like installing water cooling on any graphics card, but you’ll need to make sure to get a water cooling kit which fits your particular card. It may be hard to find one, since most kits are designed for gaming video cards. (I have no idea if the design of your card is the same as a similar gaming card, but it might be.)

You should check to make sure that the fans on the cards are working properly and that your case has proper ventilation and that the case vents aren’t blocked with dust. I have to clean my vents and fans every few months. If your system is clogged up, you can reduce the heat for free.

It should get hot, but your situation sounds extreme.


Yes you have to risk breaking the card. I’m swapping to water since over 10 years now though. I wouldn’t wanna do it on a Titan as first project.


Yes, there is risk, like anytime you work on your system. I broke a video card once, just swapping out a dead fan. If you do this modification, be careful that you don’t accidentally short out a circuit board trace (like I did). In this particular case, I didn’t mind too much, since the card was several years old; it gave me a good excuse to upgrade. :slight_smile:


So the rtx 2080ti for the pimax it shall be…:grinning:


I sure want one. Supposedly available for pre-order now and “on shelves everywhere” on September 20th. Only $1199. Ouch!


Pre-ordering 2080ti :grin:
p.s mainly because of upcoming games with raytracing like bf5 and metro


I am thinking of upgrading to a 2080ti, once water blocks to fit are released.
can anyone explain to me if ray tracing can help in current vr games? Or if it’s just something for the future aaa titles to take advantage of?
I currently have a 1080ti with a water block, oc’d to around 2,068 i think.
I guess I’m going to have to wait for benchmarks to see how much better it can perform, than what I already have


I expect it will be 1299 € in Europe :frowning:


Ray tracing won’t help any current VR games. Unless they code to implement them, anyway. RT has no direct affect on VR, imo.

I won’t upgrade from my 1080ti unless we see a good performance increase (50%+)


Ray tracing is not used in current games.

[updated] The VR specific improvements include:

  • Area specific detail rendering (nVidia calls it “variable rate shading”) which can be used for foveated rendering.
  • The new USB Type-C™ VirtualLink VR connector
  • Improved AI powered anti-aliasing “DLSS”


@D3Pixel said already sold out lol


Thanks guys. So mainly it just needs more raw power.
I’ll wait to see what it can do oc’d on water before I decide.
I think it would have to be at leaat 20% better than what I have, for me to justify the price


just wait for comming soon Metro Exodus and Battlefield 5


Is there any pay service that offers the installation of the water cooling on the titan x pascal?


Does anyone have noticed what happens with these video cards?
They always sold out on the spot.
It makes you think that there are people that have ways to buy multiple cards so that they can sell them at a higher price for ppl that do not want to wait that the cards are back in stock.
It takes months for these cards to be accessible to many. Am I wrong?
I had this issue with the titan x pascal.
Prices were sky rocketing because the card was getting "out of stock, instantaneousy…then you were seeing the cards sold on ebay or else, 500 or more dollars overpriced.
It felt like it was a rip off game


Welcome to the real world? :wink:


What a rip-off of a real world


How long do you guys Think it would take to get a next card release after the 2080Ti ?


Card release ? Soon. The 2060 and 2070.

But next gen ? 1,5 - 2 years, I guess. Or in VR nerd language - just too long to wait.