Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


or the upcoming assetto corsa … :wink: (I admit I was more into PC but thinks can change)


But that one is pretty much done, isn‘t it ? I doubt that they will have had any substantial feature like reflections set up as RTX effect, especially where the new GPUs cannot do RTX beyond 1080p anyhow, and there will be a greater number of simracers using screen sizes beyond 1080p (bei it an 4K screen or triple monitors…)


I guess you are right!


Theoretically you can use any liquid cooling kit on the market, providing there is the GPU adapter (sold separately), any Corsair liquid cooling kit can be used on the Nvidia cards, but I know there are also adapters for other brands.

It’s not much complicated, you just have to disassemble the original heat sink, clean the GPU of the old thermal paste (buy a specific solvent) put some new thermal paste on the GPU if the liquid cooled heat sink hasn’t already a thermal pad pre-applied, then fix everything using the adapter on the GPU with the screws provided.

Most liquid cooling sets for CPU’s come already assembled and ready to use.

If you don’t feel confident about doing it on your own, any experienced PC shop who sells these kits can do it for you, I suppose…


I am scared to put hands on it :frowning:

I wish I cam find a service that do it for me at a cost


Look for a custom pc shop. But if your comfortable with pc heatsink changing to water cooling. Not necessarily overly difficult.


have u checked this video?

I am scared to put hands on a 1200 dollars card :frowning:

I have a titan x pascal card.

Is it difference from the titan Xp ?


Do u guys know if there is any service that buy your nvidia card back and exchange it for a new nvidia card, of course adding the difference in price ?


I don’t have time atm to review. But have removed heatsinks on a few cards to clean & put new thermal paste.

With After gpu coolers; you want to make sure your card is supported. If not yes a specialty computer shop is reccommended; that does custom builds & customizations.

As the new cooler needs to cool all the appropriate componets.


In what country! I mean, here in the UK there is CEX who will buy graphics cards but they will give you about 30-40% less than what the going rate is on something like ebay, and they obviously sell GPU’s too but at near MSRP for 2nd hand and it varies massively what they actually have in stock.


I live in USA.

So I guess the best would be selling on ebay a titan x Pascal


Yeah, its what i usually do - BUT mark it as collection only and to make contact before clicking to buy - accept cash on collection only - this avoids scammers who will either break the card or replace it with a broken one or even just ship you back a potato and still get their money back from paypal


I hope my Titan Xp Collector’s Edition is ok. :confused:


Happened to me that. Sold a sound card that worked great (tested before posting) but the buyer said it was DOA and returned it. Pretty sure it was a different card I got back which was indeed dead.

Best to get a UV marker pen and draw an intricate squiggle somewhere, add a micro scratch somewhere else and video yourself doing it before you send it. Still might get you nowhere though.


Nope, i recorded serial number on a mobo and one with a recked cpu socket with no serial came back and ebay just said “as we didnt see the item before it was shipped we can’t verify your pictures”, so ok, fuck them then, cash on delivery and then cancel the listing so no ebay fees either


Not sure this is posted yet:

Reports of it having 50% more performance per cuda core than 1080Ti and 2 x faster VR performance. Paragraph is under the specification table.


Now we are talking!!! :slight_smile: Great news! Thanks man


2080ti is 35% faster then 1080Ti


I wondered why Nvidia launched unfinished product in a such hurry, but if this is true

this might be the very reason.


Probably it is a big part of the reason, AMD has very interesting things coming out in his next GPU iteration, plus it will use faster, new gen HBM2 and 4096 bit bus memory that wil give Nvidia going to eat dust :smiley: ; they also have an HUGE all-in-one chip in the works, supposedly to be used in Sony’s next Playstation…definitely something interesting to see…