Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


I’m too still unsure if to switch my pledge to 5k+ (1080 owner) , though I might wanna sell my liver like everyone else to upgrade to 2080ti, the bonus is raytracing in certain games and the best possible fps in the upcoming bf5. We’ll see.


It would be huge if AMD at last would become competitive again. And if it would be 25% faster than the Turing cards, that of course would be a great proposition. But then again, wonders are more often announced than witnessed, so let’s wait and see what remains when the day has come - and if there is no really specific information on its performance & release by November, I will probably be sitting at home with my 980Ti and the 8K or 5K+ shipping to me, and have to make a decision. And that will surely not be that I’ll just wait another 8 months until I can utilize my new Pimax headset properly…


Unfortunately, I read the original interview, on which wccftech based their article, and it seems it was just a fantasy (or misinterpretation) as in the original article it nowhere said that AMD is going to release gaming-grade cards with this tech any time soon. I guess just a clickbait from wccftech.


Hahaha, wishful thinking, AMD releasing a 32gb 7nm consumer product this year? not very likely, AMD themselves have said its a professional card so likely multiple thousands of dollars.


Well I do remember Nvidia having a fit over Amd kicking their @$$ on the Eye of a syngularity benchmark. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Sounds like the best thing to do is wait till the 8K arrives. I bought the Vive bundled with a GTX 1070 from Vive over a year ago. Running on a i7-4930 6 core on a sabertooth X79. Runs fine. I saw the 8K running on a 1070 laptop in online videos so figure it will work. but I intend to replace the 1070 with a 2080 or 2080Ti after the 8K arrives and gets tested on the 1070. Sounds like benchmarks and reviews will be out by then and perhaps some price breaks too. My backer no. is almost 6000. Will move the 1070 to my 2010 MacPro tower.


I am wondering if the 2080ti would be enough for the 8k X, because if not, then I guess who backed the 8k X should wait for what would come after the 2080 ti.

Anyone any thoughts ?


I bet not, atleast not good enough . On SLI configuration probably, but does it even work with two videocards who knows. And then theres the price tag…


Tbh we need to wait & see what comes. Atm we just have speculation on 8k-X needs & even actual peeformance of Nvidia’s 2000 series gpus. Need more time to see results from both.


You are right. I am just so curious and you know me now a little to have seen that.


I here you the unknown is always very tempting. Lol


Most probably, will NOT be enough…


If they can pull that off, those speed rumors are true and AMD can actually maintain strong drivers then NVidia should be very worried indeed.


Performance leak.

So about 35%… For such price. Meh


Imho going from a 1080 ti to a 2080 ti not worth the upgrade prisewise unless you have a moneytree in your garden.

If you’re coming from a 980Ti or less it’s a good upgrade.

I think I better wait for the improved drivers before I make a hole in my pocket :rolling_eyes:


I feel even if you’re going from a 1080 its an upgrade worth considering if those figures are accurate. Especially considering for those of us potentially being an 8K owner soon it seems like 1080 is minimum spec (like a 970 was for Vive) and not quite cutting it for some apps/games.


those FPS seem strangely similar to the turkish video that was floating about - the one that the author stated was calculated based on some figures from nvidia but not in the games mentioned and not knowing the settings used and that he had not actually tested the 2080ti himself

I wonder why you posted a screenshot instead of posting a link to where the figures come from

edit; yeah, found the source, this is a reprint of a repost of the turkish video where the author confirmed the figures were “calculated” and not actual test results.


Oh, sorry if so. Found that in one comment on
Guess we will have to wait for official info. Scores seems possible though


From where these tests come from ? Marco’s question was related to the 8K-X , that runs on native 8K, so it is expected to see way lower framerates running games in that native res. on the headset.


they aren’t from anywhere - a turkish blogger guessed at 2080ti results and posted a youtube video (now taken down) which was picked up by all the clickbait sites as genuine when they are just made up