Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Easy wait until your not :sleeping:. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


I’m not here to tell you, you have to find out for yourself, get informed, question everything, live being conscious of your surroundings and the world you live in, observe, don’t just adhere to some opinion and take a part, being really informed is VERY different from being just “opinionated”, this will lead to develop discernment and finding what is your truth, the more you’re informed and awake, the harder is to trick and deceive you.

It’s all before our eyes these days…otherwise why the governments spend so much money, time and energy in controlling and steering information sent to us ?..


And there lies the problem. Too much info to sort. If you have enlightening links is better for folks to read & decide for themselves. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I dont know why governments spend so much time controlling us. Can you help me out a little bit? What kind of info should be wise to look at according to you? You are way ahead of me on this. At least give me some help starting me get to speed like you.


I recommend go full custom watercooling. Even if you are not in to overclocking, watercooling if done right makes your gaming rig literally almost totally silent.
My normal procedure when I buy a new graphics card is to get rid of the stock heatsink&fans before even testing it and install a waterblock and custom passive heatsinks to vrm and ram.

It takes some beer to get the courage to do so though.

Edit. In case you’re wondering yes I have destroyed one perfectly good and brand new GPU so far. :shushing_face:



Some good info on the new tech here too.

I like the VR improvements, especially for dual screen hmds


16 days before… ejem.


I like this this guy…he has a reasonable percentage of his brain functioning, plus some character…:smiley:


An anonymous once posted this on a social network:

Enough food for thought to ponder for the next year…


If regurgitating rumours that don’t really stand up to scrutiny passes as “intelligence” then heaven help us.


Don’t worry…Heaven is helping from quite a long time already, the only thing is that you still haven’t realized it :smirk:


Okay, so I read this piece. Hmmm. What’s the point ? Go back to the middle ages, and spend 14 hours a day harvesting crop by hand, etc. ?

No, I’ll just get on with how I am living today, and remain watchful - but avoid paranoia.


“Total paranoia is just total awareness.”


You mean the same way as “Happiness is just a lack of information” ?


For many years the only media people could consume were books some people were saying are holy. But not everybody could read. So the common people could only listen to people who could read, or so they proclaimed. Also there was a system of people belonging to other people in place. Only when education for the masses came along in history and people were allowed to read and learn beyond the realm of (forced) religion, media could be more vibrant and diverse. People are now more free than ever to consume media to their own liking. Looking in history at how people spread out over the globe and how people lived in their communities, it shows the world is still changing and morphing to something more wholesome.

In this forum alone I can have a talk between some Dutch , English, Germans, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Canadians in a friendly way when in history we were beating eachother to death. Also. On certain conspiray websites, the vitriol and acid is dripping from the forums. The irony. Eyes wide shut. Using internet and using it to fuel their hatred and distrust to others not like them.

I chose this pimaxforum as one of the media outlets to participate, because I find it very informative and diverse. I’d like to learn, when I don’t have the knowledge or the insight. I’d like to wonder myself in the findings and insights of others.

If there were only people like me, or you, I would never attended this pimax community a second time. Next to that, I don’t like to live in hate or fear. Many conspiracy websites are just out of my realm. They just show you a monster around every corner, causing fear and distrust. I’d like live in today with hope and love. There will be setbacks along the way, but hope and love will make that path easier to go ahead.


The 2080 TI is only going to be 20-35% better than the 1080 ti, so if you are expecting native 4k per eye, you MIGHT be able to use 2080 TI if SteamVR engages reprojection and locks the frame-rate to 45hz.


The magic word in the VR area is “Multi-view Rendering” :smirk:


Guys, really - would you mind taking your on-topic stuff elsewhere, please ! :wink:


@Axacuatl The best GPU for Pimax 8K VR is your heart. But back to reality, it is still a trade off. If you have a 1080 in your rig, you might want to spend it on a 2080ti asap. If you have a 1080ti, you might want to wait for a while. Also it might be worth waiting what the software giants will do in VR. If they spend big on games, you’ll want better GPU asap. But not everybody has the big wallet to act on it.

I will wait for the VRrig that is going to last for at least 2 years using the newest software and games in VR. So for me it is a 2080ti on a i9xxx processor. But for that to be reality, we will be at least 1H2019. That is the moment I buy the complete VR rig. Both the HMD and the PC. That is because I am not a backer and my current PC is from 2009 (not kidding). So if I want to spend and make it worthwhile, I have to wait and save some greenbacks.