Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Pretty sure the volta is going to be more expensive and from what I’ve heard on the nvidia discord it won’t be released untill summer 2018…


In my house the real winner from all this is my son. He’s the one that gets all the hardware hand me downs whenever I add to the PC in the living room.I will probably pick up a 1080 or 1080ti before moving on to Volta depending on what we hear about it’s performance in VR.


Black Friday/ Monday cyber deals may yield some good cards for you too!


Just remember its 1440p x 2 same with 1080p x 2.


The problem is in the question…OP specifically asked for ‘the best gpu’…which is undoubtably the 1080ti at the moment…

But if they didn’t want ‘the best’ and just wanted a temporary card for movies, then all he needs is a card capable of doing ~4k movies at a reasonable frame rate for movies…which the 970ti might just be able to manage…I would suggest he just wait and try it out with his current card first.


When Volta will be out, the price of other top cards might go down quite a bit, which may be another argument for waiting.


I would absolutely wait until the Pimax ships at least, no reason to buy now.

And of course the best GPU is the best GPU :slight_smile:


I don’t think anything will change before the Pimax ships, Volta will be months away
I’m ordering this one:


Truth i almost sold an organ. Lol. Found an Asus 1080ti used for $600ca on kiji. Too bad didn’t have the funds available. Grrrrrr… :confounded::confounded::confounded::v::joy::+1::sparkles:


I’m pretty scared when it comes to buying used 1080ti’s lol they could be mined to death or just scams -.-


Yes, mining unfortunately changed situation for much worse in used top cards market. I would not buy any used card that is suitable for mining.


Smelling the caed can help. In situation like that just have them demo the card in 3dmark. But i generally have had good fortune with used stuff…

Of mem serves think it might have been still under warrenty.

Plus isn’t amd cards typically prefered for mining?


I don’t think 1080ti was ever prefered for mining, too expensive and cheaper cards did it just as good.


I dont think you really need 1080Ti, This is wat pimax said about te GPU.

The better the graphic card, the less work the headset has to do, and the better experience you will enjoy. That’s why we recommend GTX980/1070, equivalents or above for the best 8K experience.

They say that you should get the best experience with 980/1070 + above.


The HMD has no work to do, it is just a display the same way a monitor is.

Apart that

  1. Wait (for the headset)
  2. Wait a bit more or ask around (about movies performance on HMD)
  3. Decide

I do not expect watching movies will require 1080ti, since the rendering should not be very demanding in this case.


But remember pimax said that it’s DisplayPort 1.4. I am not sure it is supported by a GTX980. But I don’t know for sure…


They only really said 1080ti or 2 fir 8kx


For 5k & 8k non-x dp 1.2 can work but maybe more around the 75hz due to bandwidth limitations. See DP wiki



I am using a 1060 ITX OC 6Gb with an i7 @3500MHz and 16Gb RAM and it handles the Pimax 4K very well even at ULTRA in Elite Dangerous.

Does anybody know what the 5K Headset requires - will the 1060 OC handle it or do I need to upgrade to the 1070 ITX? All I can find are the myriad of responses about the 8K or the 8KX which seem to require a 1080 Ti which my computer cannot fit in being an ITX case.


The 5K will have the exact same performance demands as the 8K