Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Some more infos gatherd about the new nvidia cards

  • DP 1.4a integreated.


Tom’s Hardware Review 2080 ti founders Edition,5805.html


I think it depends on what degree of overclock you plan to go for. Also where you are in the GPUs life cycle.

IMO buying a card on release and custom water cooling is more expensive, but better justified if you plan to roll with it for a few years. You will be able to do more, and a well set up loop will be serviceable over those years.

By contrast, if you buy late an AIO can be great because you still get some function, and you are getting a modest loop for a modest price. Also, the factory loop will have a service life to easily carry through the service life of the card.

Of course, the costs are less considered here, because new card + custom loop over 3-5 years can’t touch later card with an AIO over 2-4 years. Just my 0.02…


1080ti minimum.
2080ti ideally.


Tomshardware’s review shows accurately what’s happening in the new cards, you can see that in most games at equal settings the 2080’s are just a few frames better than the 1080Ti , if not equal…

The only advantage is seen in games supporting DLSS, so…at a purely hardware level the 2080 series is not much faster than the previous generation, and the only big difference is because Nvidia made the new AA algorithm that just “remember” and selectively applies the antialiasing to the already previously computed frames and polygons (acting much like an AA caching, notice that 2080’s have twice as much cache as previous gen), thus saving a consistent amount of computation needed for appliying an efficient AA to as much as half… this is what DLSS just is all about…

But on the pure brute force side, these cards have not so much, except two new, different computation engines (Tensor and RT cores) that we still have to see developers take full advantage of.

And for 1.300$ this is asking really too much to most gamers, looks to me like Nvidia has become the Apple of the graphic industry, it is up to as many of us as possible to tell them if this is acceptable or nor…meditate people, meditate.


Random thought on DLSS… I wonder what this’ll do to modding. Part of the fun of playing Skyrim for the 40th odd time was using different combinations of the hundreds of mods available. But I don’t know how the AI can handle it when folks re-work the 3D models or textures, add new areas to the map, etc etc. There be dragons here.