Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


One thing to consider: Right now people with Vives tend to apply way more supersampling than they should. Many run games with a lot of reprojection going on.
I got a Titan X Pascal running at 2+ Ghz and with Supersampling at 1.6 I occationally run into reprojection in games like The Gallery: Episode 2 or Dead Effect 2.
Will it be able to power the Pimax. I am sure it will.
I keep reading about people gaming with 1070’s claiming to run at 2.0 supersampling. Yes that works but not at 90hz and with loads of reprojecting going on. I don’t like it because the hands/guns are jittery when reprojecting even if the rest is fluid.

We do not know how brainwarp will work. It could be jarring whenever the pimax drops a frame. So far we only saw fruit ninja and the blue. Those games should never drop a frame obviously.

I don’t wanna spread doom and gloom but I am sure the message “anything that runs VR now” is not the right answer.
It’s at least more like “Anything that runs VR with a Supersampling Value at 1440p without reprojection”. There are not many GPUs left once you apply that rule. My guess is anything 1070 upwards and we might have to lower some details in some games along the way too. I am 100% sure it will be totally worth it though!


The 5k has the same requirement as 8k (same input res)

I am going to trial with my r9 390 8gig on the 8k & 5k. Think it should work even though lower then req spec. Brainwarp may help with using a base of 60hz (120hz bw)

In theory try render at x2 in pi & see how elite runs.

Only the 8kx req 1080ti. Just the thread here says best which usually means top cards.


I will be upgrading to a vega 56 around the time of getting the 8k or if their is a great deal on it.

Might get the 1070, it all depends on pricing. I hope I can snag one for 300- 350$



Many thanks for your reply.

I will try your test. I have no hope of fitting a 1080 ti. When I bought the GTX 1060 OC ITX 6Gb it was the best card that could fit in my ITX case. However, a month after I bought the 1060 a GTX 1070 OC ITX was released but provided no benefit for me as the 1060 was driving the Pimax 4K to its utmost (after a few software revisions) so I scrapped that expensive idea. Now it seems that to operate the Pimax 5K I need a GTX 1080 ti which will not fit in my case so the 1070 is useless again. I think I had better stay with what I have (which isn’t bad at all)


What ITX case do you have?
There is the ZOTAC GTX 1080 Ti Mini, but it is a oversized ITX card (210mm in length)
You also have the proper ITX sized Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G its 169mm, but it is “only” a 1080.


Wouldn’t it be easier to simply change the case?


Going bigger when you have an ITX case? HERESY! You may only go smaller.


Xabbu Swe,

I did not think that they would be able to get that card into an ITX form. It has the same specs as the full size Founders Edition Card.

Thank you I had missed that new release.


I am using a chiftec bigtower that is almost 20 years old. :slight_smile:
I got a Mora 2 Radiator (like this bolted onto it’s side.
You can’t be further from ITX than that. :wink:
I rather have a fast and silent gaming PC than a small and loud one.


Haha yeah, just change that chiftec case to a Mountain Mods one and you have the opposite to ITX.

Personally I like to try to go as small as possible, but still as silent as ambient when under medium load. While playing games under full load I have my headset on anyway, so a bit over ambient noise is okay then, as long as my mic doesn’t pick it up.
At the moment I’m designing a ITX case for myself with full custom loop support, so hopefully I can reach full ambient after that. Building stuff with the limits that SFF puts on you are way more rewarding than having unlimited space.


I forgot to tell you what ITX case I have - it is an HP box with a 500W power supply that is a true ITX so the ZOTAX will not fit probably.

However, the Gigabyte will fit and while its specs are a little short of the 1080 Ti, it is a very nice card with performance approaching or equalling that of the Radeon Vega 64 mini ITX at a considerably lower power consumption.



I can hardly hear my HP ITX box even when running games (and it is right next to me) the HP 300W power supply was brilliantly silent so when I upgraded to the 500W I chose a good one that is also silent and the 1060 OC ITX 6Gb is also very low noise - my laptop makes more noise.


The 1080 ti is as the topic says “best”. Doesn’t mean lesser cards can’t provide great experiences; just not likely to max settings for best possible experience. The same can be said of regular gaming.

The extra memory will help with higher resolutions. But if you look at gfx cards many can have a high max resolution however cards like yours 1060 6g & r9 390 8g cards say best gaming res of 1440p if i recall correctly. Now lowering quality to med to med high & lower base freq (60hz +bw) might make these card perform well enough for individual needs.

I believe the 1070 has the extra hp to run a 4k game easier than our cards can.


If you want to see some interesting psu specs us the Alienware Alpha thats an itx build? If so they have low wattage psu (minimum to componets used)


Checkout Node202 & silverstone rz01 & rz02 series. The rz01e has the option of full size psu & just a bit bigger physically than xb1.

The rz02 style cases are easy to work in compared to rz01 (but the rz01 looks nicer & has more room for cooling imho)

The Node202 only supports 2x2.5" drives & no internal cd support(who really needs it these days). The 202 is probably in some respects really nice & is probably the most console like in design. Internal cooling ootions are limited.


@n567 , @Douglaster,@squngy

You advocate for waiting for Volta instead buying a 1080Ti. That’s fine,

But what about having one piece of 1080Ti and buying one more 1080Ti?

Is it better to wait for Volta, or buy another 1080Ti and have a SLI.

I can\t find the answer to this question on web. What do you think ?


If possible, better to wait for volta…In either case 1080ti price would drop as it approaches too…


The Node 202 is an awesome little case for HTPC’s, though the design is a bit limited in thermals for high power components, especially in the horizontal mount.


That’s good if 1080Ti price drops. Means that SLI will be cheaper.
The question still remain if 2x1080Ti SLI is better than Volta.


If I had to choose I would pick Volta over dual 1080ti…