Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Yeah Amd finally got back into the cpu business. Hopefully they are starting trend & gey their gpu segment back on track.


My son has Vega 64 and it’s good gpu. He gets my vive when pimax gets delivered…provided he keeps his grades up at RIT up there in Rochester N.Y… lol


I’m gonna use a couple 3DFX Voodoo 2s in SLI. I hope someone ports glide to Pimax…


I see people on multiple froums claiming the 8K X would need similar system requirements to the Rift running @ 2.0 SS

Pimax 8K X - 3840x2160x2 = 16.5MP.
CV1 at 2.0 - 2664x3172x2 = 16.9MP.

A 1080ti runs the rift perfectly at 2.0. Could this really be enough to run it?


I have two 1080TI in SLI and the 4K HMD. Project cars 2 is my favorite and it supports SLI. I am not able to run it on max setting than it drops below 60 fps. It is not much diffrent with SLI enabled or disabled. I can not understand how 8K is cappable to run with an acceptable quality and framerate.


Considering the pixels pushed there can only be one answer. Titan V. If something better arrives then that.
This HMD will make your GPU bleed.
I got a watercooled Titan X Pascal running at 2.2 Ghz and I have no delusions. I will have to lower details in many games with the 8k.
With reprojection less will be ok but it is not something I like. I hate reprojection.

Forget about SLI btw. Games simply don’t support. SLI/crossfire is for blockbuster titles. Indie developers never bother supporting it wich is why we have like two SLI VR titles available right now.


Whoever said that is obviously severely mistaken, GTX 1080ti will most likely be the bare minimum required to run the 8K X.

It’s 2x 4k screens at 90hz… the 1080ti struggles to push 90fps at 4k resolution to one monitor (depending on the game). So yeah, completely unrealistic expectation right there.


The Rift has 2160 x 1200 (for BOTH eyes) - the Pimax 8K (x) offers 3840x2160 per eye, equaling 7680x2160 for both eyes.

So even if you applied SS of 2.0:

Rift SS 2.0: 2160 x 1200 x2.0 = 5.184 million
8K(x): 7680 x 2160 = 16.6 million

(on the calculation of SS see this thread on whihc I based my assumption while knowing nothing about it myself: )


Hi Thoemse

Unity 5.4+ & Unreal 4 support sli/cf. But yes any game using their own custom engines will ne hit n miss on supporting.


Nono! Unity is not good enough. A unity game does not support VR SLI just because unity or unreal CAN do it. The DEV still has to support it and none do. It’s not just a checkbox.


Unfortunately the 8k X isn’t planned to be sold outside of the Kickstarter campaign. That further reduces the chance that a game developer adapts their game to dual GPU VR support. It would probably only require a hand full of the “right” games to have fun with native res 2x4k HMDs… (could imagine a number of people would already be happy with Elite Dangerous or DCS alone).

On the other hand current single high end GPUs have reached the price realms of two top tier GPUs from two generations ago. A high end SLI system (optimally x399 or x299 based for 2x16 lane PCI) is easily beyond $5k - close or above $6k with a full 8k X kit. That’s likely beyond what most enthusiast’s enthusiasm can still justify…


The 8k-X will be sold outside the kickstarter but at a much later date then the 5k/8k units. The 8k-X is a developer version not like the 5k/8k which will be very close to consumer release.


Wtf is up with these 1080ti prices… Last month the X3 iChill I wanted to purchase was €750 and now €870! I think I will just buy this cheapest 1080 I can find for €550.


They are used for bitcoin mining.


I know… But they are still being manufactured right? How many do they have to manufacture before supply exceeds demand?:S


Quite a few as each mining rig uses multiple GPUs. I managed to get an AMD Vega 56 AIB card. I paid $600 for the unit (works beautifully BTW). Not 5 days later the same site (newEgg was selling the same card for almost $800.

Prices are just plain ridiculous right now - if it is possible to wait at all I would do so, let the AMD Vegas get out on the market and soak up some of the demand and you should begin to see prices for both AMD and NVidia start to normalize.

Just my 2 cewnts


Is there somebody here who have tried Project cars 2 or Accetto corsa on the 8K, Whit high settings? I really want to know if a fast pace game is possible to use and give a deasent quality and framerate.


Yes, they are. Not only that, but the good cards are mostly out of stock. Right now, Newegg literally has zero 1080 and 1080Ti cards in stock.


I don’t think anyone has had an opportunity to test the V5 8K headset only their own computer. We are currently limited to whatever games Pimax installs on their demo laptop. That means that no demanding games have been tested on an “enthusiast” computer (that I’m aware of).


OK, maybe someone has tried on an earlier edition? By the time Pimax cuold convince us that 8K is the right choice for a simracer.