Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Yo @ebjornen

The only time I have seen the 8k tested with a AAA sim game is in this video. You will have to search for the part where he plays project cars. Cheers!


“OMG” from the Spanish “Real o Virtual” site:

Project Cars 2:

…I get into the cockpit and everything is correct. I look at the car from the outside, I look closely, fuck "the screendoor is not noticeable,[…] it’s very fluid, everything is right, I ask one of those present to accelerate, I want to see how it looks on the move.
This was when I decided that I wanted to be backer. I usually play iRacing and other simRacing games a lot; and in the driving position, feeling how fluid it was, without tearing, ghosting, judder, and all those bad things, plus looking straight ahead and noticing from the corner of the eye the cars overtaking me through the windows thanks to this FOV. Hitting a wall without frame falls, and not even getting dizzy when turning around the car… I want it and I want it now! Ren, take my money.


“The experience with project cars was mindblowing” . This was on a laptop with v2. I am calm and convinced. I am going to buy the 8K as soon as possible.


The 1070 Ti can be had for £419 from NVidia website. Forget all the retailers who add a huge cost on it, just get it direct from the NVidia webpage.

I got one at that price using using an app “Bookmark Reminder Pro” (which I developed) that alerts me if a page changes from “out of stock” to “in stock”. Worked a treat and I beat all the coin miners to the front of the queue. These cards only appear as In stock once or twice a week for a short period of time. I set the app to check every 15 minutes in the background I waited about a day for the app to alert me it was back in stock :smiley:

The 1070 Ti is very good value for money imo. I also have a 1080Ti in the same machine (use them for rendering).


I don’t understand how that nvidia website works… It only has a Notify Me button :S
I guess that $449 is without tax… And founder’s edition is like the worst edition?


The FE cards are this time cheaper than aftermarket cards and why they get snapped up so fast. They are from NVidia directly so nobody has messed about with the components trying to overclock them. However if you want water cooled or better fans then find an aftermarket card but check the frequency / decibel difference against the FE cards as some do nothing other than rebrand it and add another £80 to the price. The card I bought was listed for £419, this included UK VAT so that’s the price I paid.

As to that Notify Me button. I didn’t use that, as mentioned I used an app to let me know when it was in stock.

Also, I would avoid buying a second hand GPU now as many have been maxed out 24/7 usage with the bit-mining craze going on. It’s a higher risk unless you know the person you buy it from.

Edit: it looks like the GTX 1070Ti can not get performance boosts by third parties as that would push it to GTX 1080 speeds (which it is not far off anyway).


Unless you are building a new system or absolutely need to purchase a video card right now, the best option for the “best GPU for Pimax 8K VR” right now is to just wait until the 8K is actually released. High end video card prices are through the roof right now due to the mining craze.

Both AMD and Nvidia are anticipating releasing new models this summer/fall which should be (by my guessing) about the time that the 8K will make it into our hands. Typically, when the new models are released you can get them for MSRP, but you have to be quick on the trigger because they typically sell out VERY quickly. So I would save my money until those new cards hit the market and then snap one up as soon as it hits your favorite website/retailer.

That’s my advice (as a computer hardware enthusiast) for getting the “best GPU for Pimax 8K VR”.


We already shouldve gotten our Pimax’s according to the survey, and I don’t think they will delay it by half a year… No way new AFFORDABLE ( fu Volta ) models are coming before I get my Pimax… I am expecting some price drops on the high end cards in a few months though when all miners are settled and supply exceeds demand.


Nice find. It would be nice if we could get the whole article translated. I used a free translator and the Elite Dangerous stuff looks interesting but didn’t turn out well.


The best gpu for the Pimax in VR will be the same as the best gpu for VR. That would be the best you can afford and also get your mitts on, Made for VR from the ground up titles will usually work ok with what is stated as needed. Any demanding title will use whatever you can throw at it. It’s crazy now crypto-currencies have pushed up prices (supply and demand). My MSI gtx 1080ti Gaming X was $1000 Can when I got it (the first day it became available. Now it’s $1300 and out of stock. I feel as bad for those trying to advance their rigs as I do good about buying it when I did.


Yeah unfortunately its best to wait for the crypto mining to die down again.

Makes me wish i had an xtra $600 during tge ks campaign would have likely gotten that asus 1080ti that was in kijiji at the time. Grrrr lol


I got lucky…I sold my 390x for 400.00when I got vive …I was 2nd pre order wave. Brought 1070 for 450. Sold that for 500.00…Brought aorus 1080ti for 675.00 on sale …man I really got lucky with timing it right…


I live 20 minutes from microcenter store…so they had open box deals at the time…not so much lately…


Yeah in Toronto we had NCiX warehouse… But they closed all stores in Toronto. :disappointed_relieved:


I was lucky enough to be gifted a 1080ti by my brother when he upgraded a few things.
My brother and I game together and do stuff like this for each other all the time.

Him being awesome to me and me being awesome to him is nothing new.
When he moved into his current house I bought and installed two very nice toilets, I think they were over $700 each.


Finally bought one!

I could choose between:

1080 iChill X3 - 723 euro 1-2 days delivery
1080 ti iChill X3 Ultra - 808 euro 10+ days delivery

Chose for Azerty, payed it, went back to the webshop, pressed F5: Now exactly the same card is € 923,95!!! How is this possible?! Was this the last one at that price and then it automatically updated?

Now let the wait begin… Hope I get it before I get my Pimax 8K :slight_smile:


Unless that 10+ days turns in sometime in Q2 I think you’re safe.


The markup on 1080Ti cards is ridiculous, some are going for £850 to £989 in the UK. You could get 2 x FE 1070 Ti’s (4864 cuda cores) for the cost of a single 1080 Ti (3,584 cuda cores). If only VR supported one GPU per eye better!

I mean this is sad:


Well, just accept it as it is - it will likely in hindsight turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

We will probably have to wait till June, possibly a couple of months longer, until we hold the 8K in our hands. Nobody knows if the bitcoin frenzy has ebbed away by then, but at least we have a chance, and I doubt that it get much worse than it is today.

However, in any case we may expect NVidia to have released their new Ampere/Volta GPU’s in summer, so if you are forced to overpay, you at least will be doing so for a graphics card which will be performing some 20-30% better than the current high end cards.
I wonder, if the Titan model sees the same boost in pricing as the Ti models have seen, or if that would rather only affect the 1180/2080 model - with a proper 8K in your hands, you might think about for once actually spending the insane amount for a Titan at release just to get the maximum out of the 8K. The Ti will take some 10-12 months more before it is released, and the boost offered by the 1180/2080 over the 1080Ti will be nice, but not that dramatic. But still, you would get that increase in performance for the same money and quite likely it will still arrive in time before you receive your 8K…


As a test, I will see if I can beat the miners when a 1080 Ti comes back in Stock :slight_smile:

This is part of my app: