Best GPU for Pimax 8K VR?


Do you know if that price is with or without tax / delivery?


That’s the price inclusive of VAT


And delivery? Most webshops deliver for free.


I bought a Titan X Pascal when it first came out. It was the very first time that I paid so much for a GPU but my Fury X did not run games as I hoped it would with my HTC Vive. Then I feared they’d drop a 1080 TI on the market a month later. That did not happen for a year. A year later the 1080Ti came and was only on the same level.
Considering how long I am gaming with that card allready I went from “wth have I done” to “glad I bought it”. :smiley:


Maybe with Bitcoin tanking GPU prices will start coming back down to earth…


That is the hope for gaming in general.

My opinion is that Bitcoin probably won’t make a rebound back up to its highest evaluation any time soon, I reserve the right to be wrong.
I also think the people that fueled the Bitcoin bubble will switch to the other block-chain technologies for the foreseeable future and the market for for GPUs will stay strained. It won’t be until bit-mining architectures like what Samsung will be manufacturing gains enough market presence that we will start seeing a reduction in GPU prices.

Some might say I’m being overly pessimistic… I prefer to view it as being realistic.


Agreed, the MSI Vega 56 that I mention purchasing above is now available - but at double the overly high price that I paid fr it less than a month ago.


So with bitcoin down 50% in one month, when will we start seeing changes? :S

Can someone confirm these for me, just theory crafting? I feel like the amount of miners will always stay about the same :sa:

Bitcoin drops -> people get less money from mining -> people stop mining -> because there are less people mining bitcoin the earnings go up -> more people start mining

Bitcoin drops -> people start mining for other coins -> bitcoin earnings go up because less people are mining bitcoins -> more people start mining bitcoin

Eventually all miners will have their 10XX’s -> Only new miners need GPU’s -> demand drops -> price drops


I cannot say definitavely, but it looks llike product (on the AMD side) is begining to filter into the channel. If you check out you will see that several vendors are now reporting that there IS stock available for purchase.

Granted that in my case the same card I purchased (from NewEgg) is selling at a 67% premium OVER what I paid for it in mid-Jan, but that is down from the %2320% it was selling for LAST WEEK (same card, vendor, etc.) It is just going to take a few weeks for the supply side and availability to force the prices back into line.

Patience young padawan, all things will be revealed in time…

Edit - NowinStock Link:


Awesome Hessfire can you repost your link in Pc building category in General discussions.


We have this in the netherlands… Also a GPU watch



How about the Amd Vega Frontier Edition? From what i read its drivers are maturing nicely.


per this article Cryengine V has mGpu support

I have a custom water cooled VEGA FE will try to do some VR benchmarks.


That’s awesome. How do you find the Vega FE?


The FE is best suited for games with massive texture packs or FEM analysis calcs such as using Digital Molecular Matter mAya plugin.

Does not really compare to well with the 1080TI or the new Titan XP.

Once I OC it that may paint a different picture. Its stock cooler is actually a vapor chamber cooler which is pretty neat, but the card still throttles, probably due to memory sitting right next to the GPU die.

Right now I run a small reservoir and dual 120mm fan radiator. That keeps temps in the high 40s.


Yeah I noticed that in benches Nvidia handles multi rendering considerably better. It does say that the Vega FE is overall good in terms of not having to choose between gaming or workstation applications. Where Nvidia has 2 seperate lines.

In the specs did see it could do full 8k but at 30fps.

Your water cooling i presume is custom opposed to the water cooled edition?

Did see on it was fluxuating between 1100 & 1200 canadian (air cooled model)

Did see a 1080 ti on there for as low as $949 ca (think might have been zotac mini)


Correct it is a custom loop. So theoretically it is cooling better than the OEM model. though regrettably I am only cooling the GPU itself and not the additional components on the board. For those I use small VRM cooper heatsinks.

I think given time with more DX12 titles and better drivers it may match a 1080ti but that will not extend down to the DX11 titles that will continue to suffer with this GPU architecture.

I am also working on setting a homebrew 5k headset to test how well the FE will do in VR as a preview of Pimax


Haven’t attempted the idea as of yet. But an idea i think might be of interest is using a tec in the loop with a cooling block on the return from tthe radiator mounted to a tec with a heatsink & fan outside the case. But need to do more research on the idea.

Your test vr rig is an awesome idea. I look forward to hearing how your test goes.


I am now running my vive on a build from a few years ago. I5 6400 cpu and 1070 gpu. It’s running fine but i go into reprojection frequently. I believe my cpu is my bottleneck.
When i get my 8k i will try it on my current pc first just to see how it goes…
But probably i will need to upgrade. So I’m saving money for a new build with i7 8700 cpu and a 1080ti. The new 11series sound tempting but try to get your hands on one in the coming months… Good luck. Might stick to the 1080ti until the 11xxti comes out.