Best VR games on Pimax 4K so far


Ok, now I have had the Pimax for a while, and built up a reasonable number of full games, thought it’d be good to share our favourites. Maybe we can work out a list of ‘must-haves’, based on how many people vote for each game. This is the combined list of suggestions so far. I will add +1s next to the game so we can see how many people like whatever game.
All games are xbox controller/keyboard compatible.

Native VR Games:
Flight/Space sim:
Elite Dangerous
Eve Valkyrie: Warzone

Race (/Sim):
Live For Speed
Dirt Rally
Assetto Corsa
Project Cars 2
Ballistic NG (Wipeout clone)
Blazerush (top-down, micro machines style)
American Truck Simulator

First Person / Shooter
Doom VFR
Serious Sam Fusion (FE, SE, SS3)
The Solus Project
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR

Chronos (needs PS Eye and PS Move Service to get past sensor check, and Revive)
Edge of Nowhere (needs PS Eye and PS Move Service to get past sensor check, and Revive)
Lucky’s Tale
Air Mech
Angry Chibi(sp?) Piplay game
Sega Megadrive and Genesis Classics

Non-native VR:
Alien Isolation
Doom 3 Fully Possessed
GzDoom (Doom 1,2, Final Doom)
Quakespasm (Quake 1)
Quake 2 VR
Dolphin VR
Richard Burns Rally
No One Lives Forever 2

Vorpx (best games only cos the list is enormous)
Bioshock 1,2,3

Will edit when I get suggestions.

Best VR game available

There is only one king



can you list which have native VR support and which ones need hacks like vorpX please?


Sure. None of them are vorpx but a couple do require hacks. I will edit it.


Xbox Controller Compatiable
The Vanishing of Ethan CarterVR (dlc)
Angry Chibi(sp?) Piplay game
Lucky Tails (revive)

Have to check my game list


How did you manage to get rid of the blur in Ethan Carter?

Cheers. I will add those. We can make a tally.


Only one driving game?

Where is Live For Speed, Project Cars 2 & Assetto Corsa?

Granted a wheel is recommended even with DiRT Rally.


Not played them. I will add them to the list.


In 2.x not much can do save controled (slower) movements. Hoping once the team gets freed up they can work on ghosting/blur. I do like that i can read the text without needing to zoom to white paper text.

I find sublevelzero can be bad at times if your greedy with settings. (High contrast game)

But i find Ethan really nice for visuals.

1.1.92 was a bit better on the blur. The ghosts after image can be annoying.


I think the game has its own blur problem. I was referring to that. I couldn’t play it on my 1060 at normal 1.0x SS.


I find outside its not too bad. But the ghosts in the caves give alot of after images.

On my 7950x2 cf wasn’t too bad… But it only got rated as vr capable at med settings.

My r9 390 8gig does better & rated high to very high settings. The ghosting blur still there.


Just tried it, and no I was mistaken. It isn’t really the blur that is the problem for me, it is the resolution. It looks like it is at 1080p even at 130 percent in-game, and 1.25 Pimax SS.

Edit: Nevermind, fixed it. The game seems to ignore Pimax SS, so lowering that and raising SteamVR SS does the trick, looks good now.


Updated to reflect that Serious Sam is great. Please make suggestions.


Updated cos I tried out Doom VFR and it’s pretty great so far. And Thumper, too, is a must-have in my opinion.


Discovering Space 2 is pretty interesting. Currently very cheap. Basically just a solar system sandbox you can fly around in, or take guided tours. Good one for space geeks.


Ballistic NG is great for any Wipeout fans. It is basically a very convincing copy of the early Wipeouts, with good VR support. Cheap too.


And I never thought I’d say this, but Streets of Rage is excellent in VR. Sega Classics now have a free VR update. It’s really cool.


iRacing works really well with this. Huge improvement over the Rift IMHO.


Thanks, I added it, along with Redout.


I am gonna clean up the list and remove the motion controlled games, since most dont have them.