Best VR games on Pimax 4K so far


I love the Solus project. I actually like it a bit better that Farpoint


Battlezone - Gold Edition
PPSSPP VR 111915 PSP Emulator
Dolphin Vr (gamecube and Wii Emulator)
RBR - Richard Burns Rally with free VR Mod (wheel)
X-Plane (?)


Cheers. I thought about adding emulators, but then I would also need vorpx… but yeah I’ll just add it all. Means I also have to add some modded games, Quake etc.

Overload looks amazing, exactly how I remember Forsaken to be. In VR that’ll be cool as.


Is X-plane native VR or a mod?


hi johnpanic ! yes xplane is VR native.



It was the first game I bought, and probably still my favourite. The only VR game I have bothered to play 20+ hours of. Except for Dirt Rally. The first time you get that ‘weather anamoly’ warning is terrifying, and so damn cool.

Subnautica is also great but performance problems and it deleting my save have marred it for me.

Anyway, this gives me an idea. Best game thread?


I have only played one game on my Pimax 4k and that is The Solus Project, but I have played many on PSVR and out of all my PSVR titles I like The Solus Project best.


No need for Vorp…


Edge of Nowhere is currently on sale. Played an hour or so, seems pretty good. Requires a PS Eye and PSMove service to get working though, as with Chronos. You have to fake an Oculus sensor in order to get past the sensor check.


What FPS games would you consider best for VR today? Realistic wise and well optimized for good frame per second on mid level GPUs as 1060 / 970 ?


The best I have tried have been Doom 3, Alien Isolation, the Serious Sams. Dead Effect 2 Is very good, but requires motion controls. Many people seem to mention Pavlov and Onward but I haven’t tried them.


Which of those games you mentioned need controllers and which don’t? if you can tell :slight_smile: Thanks!


Doom 3, AI, SS (with fusion) don’t need motion controls. The rest do, unfortunately.


They aren’t very realistic but performance is pretty amazing on all of them. Alien Isolation is stunning, not exactly a standard fps though.


Doom 3 is native VR or its a none VR version?


Doom 3 isn’t native. But there is a native doomVR


Not native but vastly superior. Doom VFR is pretty rubbish, really. Well, good for a short playthrough. Doom 3 is huge and even better made.


Just a heads up guys, some of the games that JonnyPanic listed are on sale at Steam up to 85% off. I got The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR for $3 and Battlezone for $17. I have aced Battlezone on PSVR but I want to see how it looks in the Pimax 4K.


Thanks man! Good tip


I am adding No One Lives Forever 2 to the list. Just gave the game a try, and seriously it’s great. The VR implementation is perfect, as far as I can tell. Haven’t tried it on the Pimax (I am using WMR) but I am sure it’ll work and look stunning.

@sweviver Did a video a long while ago. For some reason I never bothered until now, but yeah, highly recommended.