Best way to organise and launch games


Basically, Viveport Overlay is the way forward.

SteamVR Home, SteamVR menu and Big Picture Mode are a buggy mess, frankly. So I like to launch games from the desktop. The problem is, they are all in different places depending on where they come from.

I recently discovered that Revive has a nice desktop overlay for launching games from the desktop. Unfortunately it won’t display SteamVR games. I asked the dev but he doesn’t have plans to add that function. So I tried a couple of alternatives - Piplay and Viveport.

Piplay won’t display revive games, so that rules it out for me, but Viveport will. Also any game added to SteamVR with the VR checkbox ticked will show up in Viveport, so that means all the modded games like Quake and Doom.
So yeah, for me the Viveport overlay is easily the best way to launch my games. All my VR games in one place, no messing around.


Hey, thanks for sharing. Good to know! :smiley: