Best way to run FIFA 18


Hi, I got my Headset a week ago, the view is far superior than the DELL windows headset that I returned for the poor IDP software and super small “sweet spot” that I couldn’t make work, anyways, PIMAX 4K is much better for me since I don’t care about the VR games. Just video.

What is the best way to play FIFA 18 using the Pimax? I use Bigscreen but I don’t know if its the most efficient way since Big Screen uses a lot of PC resources.

Thank you.


try Virtual desktop. ive tried it for some games , it opens them while closing down the virtual desktop but my pc is so crap it normally freezes. but apart from games its awesome for all desktop features.


If Fifa 18 is not VR but your thinking on a vr theater type deal. Add it to Steam & launch it within steamvr. It should open it in a vr theater.