Big screen beta will finally be viable


I have never been a seated vr gamer, but I can really imagine big screen beta being legitimately a vastly enjoyable way to watch movies (hope those headphones ((and mic)) are good for the lovely sub frequency booms in action flicks).


I hope so, because I’m tired of dealing with having to replace lamps in my projector every 6-8 months. If the Pimax can recreate watching a movie on a big screen and make the experience nearly 1:1 with sitting in a real cinema, then I’ll ditch my projector and 110" screen in a heartbeat.


What projector are you running?


You could add shakers to improve cinema imersion in your seating. :smirk:


Shaking what exactly? What kind of private cinema are we talking about here guys?


Seating to simulate the bass in the theater so one could feel the bass. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Hmm, I never thought of that being part of a cinema experience but you’re right. That would be extra immersive when watching inside a virtual cinema


With such a wide FOV (which is wasted in this scenario) and with the upscaling making everything look blurry I’m not expecting great things here unfortunately. It’ll definitely be a step up from the rift but Its not going to replace your projector. I’d imagine the 4k is far superior in this regard?


They use them in IMAX theaters. I use Buttkicker’s in my setup and they definitely take Big Screen to the next level. With the reduced screen door and wide fov I can’t even imagine.


Do you mean the 8K-X or the Pimax 4K? Because I have the Pimax 4K and that too is upscaled. I think the 8K is similar to the 4K just with a bigger fov. And What I didn’t like about Big Screen in the PImax 4K was the fov. If you want to see the whole screen you had to sit further back but with the 8K that problem won’t be there as much and you can sit closer to the screen and still see everything. I’m excited for it, I think it really will boost quality and immersiveness


I tried to explain to my gf that I wanted one of these but in my language a ‘kicker’ is the same word for frog, so she got a wrong idea listening to me being excited and wanting one…


I can say that subpac with seated stuff eso movies was amazing


The worst in my opinion is the sde and low fov. In theater experiences high def always seems to have some degree of an analog feel and in vr already seems better in many respects to a projector which has to refract light instead of being the source of it.


What I don’t like about 3D movies in cinemas is the thick glasses you wear obscuring your peripheral view to the friends you’re sitting next to. This 200FOV will solve that too, you could see your friends next to you move and it will be more social viewing a movie together



I’m using a BenQ W7000 Projector. Bit of an older unit, but not a bad PJ by any stretch, and in fact throws a very nice 1080p picture and is very bright. Problem is, it also throws a lot of heat, and during the summer, the heat from hot days puts a lot of stress on the unit, causing the lamp to burn out faster than normal. I’d like to replace it with a laser projector, as I’ve heard the lamp in those last a hell of a lot longer and don’t give off nearly as much heat. But they’re a bit too pricey at the moment. If the Pimax can mimic the big screen experience with very little screendoor effect and produce a good, sharp and bright picture then that would be the ideal solution for me. Watching movies in my Rift is not too bad but the narrow FOV and screendoor kinda ruins the experience for me.


Go with Clark Synthesis, Tactile transducers. They are pricey but absolutely amazing. I own 3 of them, two under my deck outside, and one mounted under my PC chair. Takes my Headphone listening experience to a whole other level.


They do last a lot longer, but they are just as hot, if not hotter, and still loose out on life span.
I would rather just invest in an AC, you could use it regardless.

Fact is there is no such thing as a true laser projector, what it does is they use a blue laser to excite a ring of phosphor to produce white light that is then run through a light engine like with any LCOS projector.

And even though we have had laser projector around for nearly five or so years now, pretty much only home cinema one I know would be the Epson LS 10500 for $8000, which is in reviews not on par with the JVC’s for <4000 or barely outperforms the Epson EH-TW9300 for $3000.
Only real difference in this the laser source in the LS-10500, so that’s $5000 for a light source that albeit should last a while, but still only rated for 30k hours on ECO.
And when that source goes, you throw the unit away.
No changing this.
(Ok there is a Dell DLP short throw laser for $5000, but I’m not sure about availability)

Now what I consider more interesting is LED’s.
Hong Kong Beida Jade Bird Display (JBD) has prototypes for a 5500ppi LED panel that achieves over a million nits in brightness.
With this you could quite possible replace both the LCD panel and the light source with a single chip.

And like Oled, each pixel can go true black.

Still very early, but I am loosing more and more confidence in OLED that’s for sure.


So you have the 4K? Is the screen resolution good for watching movies in bigscreen or seeing text since it’s upscale…? (Not talking about FOV)


Sounds like you have a projector that is hard on lamps. I could run my display 10 hrs a day and it would take over a year to hit 4000 hrs so 6-8 months seems light as far as lamp life goes. I have 7300 hrs on a 4000 hr lamp and going strong on my ACER 1080p projector. I got near 9000 hrs on a 4000 hr bulb on my last projector.
With a 150" throw, I don’t see wearing a hmd to watch movies. I can see where those without HT setups would be using it though.


Yes. It is the reason I backed the 8K. All I am missing with the 4K is 6dof. I pump very optimised super sampled pictures from my 1080ti to it and it’s great. I really dislike Rifts and Vives because of the SDE. But the 4K has much more washed out colors and not perfect blacks. But I was happy because of the low price I paid for it. The same goes for the 8K. It’s not going to be perfect, those are available for 10.000 euro if you want one. This headset is going to cost ~800 so you’ll just have to do with the compromises that come with such a low price.

I have tried watching video on a Vive and it sucks, you are going to need more pixels and the fact it is upscaled really doesn’t hurt the image quality that much. It’s a difference of HD and DVD quality at 720p. You’ll see it’s not as sharp but it’s not a massive problem either.