Big screen beta will finally be viable


Oh really? I didn’t realise the pimax 4k was upscaled too, it still seems to have way better image quality though judging by those videos that came out the other week. I’ve never personally found fov to be an issue with bigscreen on my rift (unless its super close) . I must say though, 3d videos are incredible in VR and I’m really hoping the 8k is good here.


Yes it’s all Chinese marketing speak. The panel is a 4K one so in their eyes it’s not a lie to say it’s a 4K device. But the bandwidth, chip and connector can’t do 4K at 60Hz so effectively they just reduced SDE. But all those extra pixels do work together to create a better looking image overall, regardless of actual pixels streamed to the headset.


LOL! “I’m going to buy a Butt Frog…” I can imagine the look your gf gave you. :laughing:


I used to plug my gear VR into my 5.1 surround setup. It was presence inducing, and that was a 60hz note 4 innovater edition.


Get an Led projector. You can get a decent 3000 lumen one with Android for about $250. I have two and have had them for years. They last as long as a TV.


I like VorpX better personally, and for sound in movies, I’m not using the headset headphones but my 5.1 speaker sound system.


I’ve had the JVC X 5900 4k E shift for nearly one month now. Couldn’t be happier with it! Blacks are great. Its like the OLED of projectors


VorpX is not really vr but uses a vr hmd if that makes sense. Certainly produces a really great 3d effect for old games though. I do like it for rocket league


VorpX is basically almost true VR in those cases where Direct VR mode is supported and possible. But the other modes like Geometry are somehow emulated VR modes which are often so-so…


That’s some cool tec! Especially the true black - which is still rather bad In most non OLED displays.


Almost too good to be true.
But I really want to believe.

And each chip supposedly very cheap as well.


It definitely is, and if you feed it a side to side 3D input (like a 3D Blu-Ray with MadVR filter), you will have your movies in real 3D on a giant virtual screen.


I like vorpX for what it is. But it’s a dangerous thing calling it vr. The last thing we want is gaming companies (all businesses are sociopathic in nature) thinking gamepad seated vr is enough. It might be okay for some limited use cases before someone jumps in as devils advocate. But true vr is about removing the proxy controls between your senses and the game world. Experience isn’t definitively efficient either.


No it definitely isn’t. Just because your wearing a hmd doesn’t make something definitively vr. It’s more than that. I get it that people’s answers are scratching a superficial causal glance at this comment but it’s not. A quality 3d viewing experience alone is not vr.


Except when the proxy controls substitute for real world controls, like HOTAS and Steering Wheels. I think in many cases seated VR can be an exceptional experience. However, you are correct, we don’t want companies “thinking gamepad seated vr is enough”, because it isn’t. I say that even though I’m unlikely to play non-seated games (no room and not much interest either).


Buttkickers are awesome, need the good ones though that are being driven by an extra amp. The cheap ones do more of a rumble controller bass-ish feeling only unfortunately.
Used to work for Fischeramps (high end german audio company, far better than UE) a couple of years ago at the Musikmesse Frankfurt and presented those to the crowd. If you really wanna have your butt kicked like crazy basswise without hustling with neighbors or wife BKs are the real deal.


This is true. It’s a sidestep from the argument though, as I did make alottances amidst my argument for the likes of hotas, and that does not go against my prior statement. This isn’t an argument saying seated games that virtualize a contextual in game seat are not vr. And yes, we don’t want a a a companies taking the easy way out and importing a second camera into their game and call it a wrap after optimizations.


Unfortunately, text discussions leave room for misunderstandings. I did not intend to criticize your post; I was merely expanding upon it.


You apparently don’t know all VorpX can do. Yes, it can turn a standard 3D game into a full VR experience, with headset, but also controllers and movement. It can’t do it with all games, some just aren’t adapted to VR at all.
I played Project Cars in full VR with steering wheel and head tracking.
I played Skyrim in full VR with VR controllers before Skyrim VR was released.
That’s just two examples out of the many things VorpX can do to appropriate games.


You had no hands in Skyrim vr. You were not swinging swords. I’ve extensively messed with vorpX. Beat all 3 outlast games in it, tons of rocket league. Don’t make assumptions, and I’ll try not to either. Especially because your reiterating the same ignorance others have. Vr is more than 3d. Listen. I like vorpX for what it is, and for the most part it keeps gaming companies from being lazy, and potentially decimating any chance vr has by pumping out useless vorpX clone turds. VorpX is necessary to keep them from cash grabs.