Big screen beta will finally be viable


Floating severed hands doesn’t seem like vr either. We need arms. Lol

Now you did have arms & hands just not the vr controllers to swing like your ig hands.


Nah we need full body tracking with full body avatars.


It’s a direct interface, that is a dumb argument.


No it’s quite valid. It’s lazy not to animate the arms in view. It would add immersion value.

There are tons of games in fps that you can see arms connected to hands.


True, but FPS games are all pre-animated sequences and the arm motions are based on mouse or controller input. In VR games, the player can move their hands into many (and sometimes awkward) positions. The “inverse kinematics” required to do that realistically are difficult, which is why the arms are frequently omitted.


I just remember b4 vr controllers things like Razer hydra mapped gestures to controller input.

Sure maybe we need an elbow sensor to make mapping easier. Lol


It is quite ignorant to ignore programs that create vr experiences; just because of your narrow minded view of what vr is. For example alor of folks prefer Doom with vorpx vs Doom fvr(sp?)

The same could be said about True 3d movies (filmed in 3d) vs 3d converted movies


Nothing is narrow minded about a clear vision on definitive principles. You feeling like being insulting and argumentative you might as well call all video games virtual reality.


No having a narrow view & ignoring folks like Ralph’s efforts in vr is ignorant. Ralph is demonstrating how easy non VR native games can be utilized in VR.

It’s no different than formerly SBS injectors being used to give non 3d native games, 3d stereo support. Or using video players like Bino to play flat movies in 3d.

Vorpx also supports Steamvr mode for extra goodies.

Until we have limbs & using more hand/full body tracking with props were still only skimming the surface of what real vr can be. Until then all vr experiences & even then are real legit.

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I’ll wade in just to say that even made for VR games require some level of abstraction. Haptic feedback isnt very good at making you feel touch and movement. It is still weird to use a motion controller to move a solid hand that has no finger tracking, and so on.

Using a gamepad to play games adds just another level of abstraction, seated rather than roomscale adds another level , and so on.

VR with motion controls and roomscale is very good but I have had just as much fun and been just as immersed playing seated games in vorpx or mods. Lets not kid ourselves about how real VR is right now. It’s still just a cool, novel way to play very unrealistic games.


What part o I actually like vorpX for what it is- is not registering?


The condescending part of it’s not vr; when it is. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

You know calling people ignorant when they don’t agree with your viewpoint.

Yes someone flagged your post on that point. Instead of calling ppl ignorant try saying “Imho”. I can’t stsnd Minecraft as a game let alone a vr xp, doesn’t make it not a game or goid experience.


Face value expressive sentiment is not an opinion, it’s emotionally driven statement of feelings. It’s fine if you feel a certain way, but it doesn’t make for interesting longer discussions if there’s not strong logic to draw how you came to feel a certain state and there’s a reason, but playing to face value casual glance conceptions betrays a characteristic of simply wanting to be crowned king and winner for a little dopamine boost, or perhaps feel self righteous enough to spin this to one not being swayed by logical facts which is not the case. I didn’t call anyone names.


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