Big tracking problems with my 5 k+ and the base stations



I don’t think the lighthouses do work on BT between the bases and the headset…


There’s bluetooth in the base stations for sure. Not sure about the headset, but I’m fairly certain it’s in the headset as well.

Try it yourself if you have an Apple watch. Play with the pimax for 20-30 minutes and keep the watch in front of the pimax, in between where your basestations are pointing from. You’ll see massive tracking glitches.


Yes I agree the base stations have Bluetooth but my understanding is that it is not used for communicating between the Base Station and headset. I don’t use the Bluetooth for the bases stations at all although I think you can set this up with SteamVR for power saving and updates maybe. I am starting to think it actually might be the reflective surface of the watch causing it as I also had to cover up some other reflective surfaces which as fixed 99.9% of my tracking problems. I had a picture on the wall with a glass front and it was reflecting one of the base stations from behind me back into the Pimax. I think putting “the watch in front of the pimax, in between where your basestations are pointing from” that the reflections off the watch may be the real problem causing the glitches rather than the bluetooth. Just my thoughts.


I would think that also at first but my jabra elite 65 t bluetooth earbuds cause the same interference with the pimax, although it wasnt as bad.

I can confirm for a fact its the bluetooth interference that caused my issues


As far as I know, the Lighthouse built-in Bluetooth is only there for firmware updates and maybe some status-check, but its not used for the tracking or communication itself.


Then how do you explain an apple watch interfering with the visuals in my headset? Also my bluetooth earbuds as well?


Good question :slight_smile: I really dont know…


Test this yourself and see if it happens. My base stations are above and ahead of me.
I have a steering wheel in front of me for my sim-racing games and I put my watch on my wrist. This causes the watch to be in between the base stations and the Pimax HMD while my hands are on the steering wheel. When driving for 20-30 minutes, I saw the picture jitter/jump and sometimes even disappear for a second and come back. Sometimes when the picture came back, my position shifted in the headset and I have to hit the button to reset myself.

The moment i stopped wearing the apple watch, this issue was gone


Have you tried covering the watch with an arm band to test reflective surface?


No need to do that. I took it off and it wasnt happening any more

Then i tried using jabra elite 65t bluetooth earbuds and it happened again. Its definitely bluetooth interference. Theres no reflective surfaces on my earbuds.

Another guy mentioned that he had the same issue with an apple watch 4 as well.


Really need some lighthouses.