Black screen for P3D with 5k+ headset



Hello I am having the same issues as this member in regards to using the 5k+ headset with P3D.
link:Pimax 4k p3d big big issue

would you please update this so I do not have the black bars across my screen for VR with P3D?


@Zackan1, you have to install PREPAR3D4.2.
4.3 and 4.4 are not compatible with Pimax yet till they update the mesh in PITOOL
I do think that the pimax team is busy with more prioritary tasks now than dealing with this issue.


I´m also having this issues with P3D V4.4 and Pimax 5k. With the box checked, my screen is split up in 4 sections. Please Pimax! It would be nice to fix that bug. Otherwise I will have to stop using Pimax. The only reason I bought it was using it with P3D V4.4 and upwards. Thanx a lot in forward. Would appreciate your help