Black screen with Piplay 2.0.7 compositor is not starting


I Think 2.0.7 Piplay forced wrong firmware on HMD. manual flashing tool is not working (hidapi.dll missing). I think I am stuck, any adult around?

edited: wrong title, issue partially resolved


Really? I have no time to test it.


You firmware is


I just uninstalled everything, reinstalled 1.1.92 and everything works. So… the firmware was not the issue I guess… 100% firmware tool is not working for me that is for sure.
I ll never touch this stuff EVER again!!


yes Firmware is


Why install 1.1.92?Now i use version 2.0.


I beleive @CMM has said if your upgrading to v 2.x from 1.1.92 you need todo additional manual steps.

Ie delete piplay folder after uninstalling 1.1.92.